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6/14/2017Hoax FF Not real Fishy. Fuck off...a loony left shot people
6/14/2017Libitard lover
5/23/2017Lie Lie Pants On Fie ...direct intel to your ass maybe...
5/22/2017Hanging out and hanging around. pool
5/22/2017Good chris cornell thread. eekers
5/22/2017Cornell information
5/22/2017Great thread ~ marooned
5/22/2017I hope you find out the truth on Chris -thetoolman
5/22/2017Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/22/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
3/30/2017Greenest kindness -Ursabruin
6/21/2015For your posts :) eV3y
10/14/2014Back to the Future.. stay sane.. WhiteLight sends LOVE
9/26/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/26/2014Shove your propaganda agenda give your silly facts or shut up.
5/9/2014Wishing you well.. glad you are back..sort of.. Whitelight knows
1/29/2014Greetings from ANHEDONIC
3/26/2013Cause I miss ya! SkinnyChic.
3/14/2013Sending more good luck Job Karma - Alpacalips
2/27/2013For helping me in the astral :)
2/4/2013Good luck on your job search! Alpacalips
12/24/2012Xmas green giveaway -- Paa Tal
12/22/2012For the subjext..thanks -babycakes-
12/22/2012For another great thread! BK
12/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/22/2012Merry Christmas!....>>>>Set​tle4it<<<<
12/8/2012Just B/C....>>>>Settle4it<​<<<
12/3/2012Thanks for your research! LM
12/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/2/2012Very important.
12/2/2012For the Hydrate thread....THANKS! I live on the GOMexico....I see the truth in what you are showing, what can we do? Thank you My Friend. From AdHocBOHICA!
12/2/2012Great thread cheers! -dapurps
12/2/2012For the methane doom thread. From Tiger1.
12/2/2012Karma to help keep this pinned and for a good post. Thanks. TM
12/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/2/2012For the methane hydrate info.... thank you -ladyannie
11/26/2012Great video of the expanding earth siniXster...thanks for sharing...my2centswor​th
11/25/2012Great vid on earth growing Rising Son
11/24/2012Karma Time....>>>>Settle4it​<<<<
11/22/2012Greetins from Bulgaria, brave man!
11/10/2012Thankyou for the Hopi videos, Kirk
11/7/2012Shale deposit.thnx. warriorsbond
11/5/2012Buddy Karma Monday!!....>>>>Settl​e4it<<<<
10/27/2012Well informed. Thank you for your input.
10/26/2012BP sold their texas city plant on oct8th then that toxic cloud 2 weeks later. I got banned 2 times trying to post it in assumptions last night. - Anaiah
10/26/2012Sexy and lovely manners:)
10/25/2012Dude, there's this stuff called lithium, look into it, it'll help. -1
10/25/2012OK, you got it all figured out, wack job
10/25/2012Another good thread, thank you ~ Shamar
10/25/2012Momma coop
10/24/2012Excellent thread my friend, keep up the good work. BK
10/24/2012Good thread
10/24/2012Dude, there's this stuff called lithium, look into it, it'll help. -1
10/24/2012Thank you for speaking the truth! CowgirlK
10/24/2012Thank you for some actual conspiricy, I've really missed that what with the blasted election...
10/24/2012A wealth of information on our nuclear reality...morgan
10/24/2012For educating yourself & others about Fukushima & nuclear radiation... LoveLightEnergy to you~*** ctruth333
10/23/2012For radchix stupid postings
10/21/2012For the bright outlook - Leslie Zevo
10/21/2012Good Karma Fairy Just Left You A Gift!....>>>>Settle4i​t<<<<
10/21/2012Great info on Assumptions thread. Let Freedom Ring
10/20/2012Awesome research. Please know was not being mean when I said waiting all day...just meant waitng with great anticipation. Thanks, Amy
10/11/2012It has been a while. BK
10/9/2012My Dearest Friend!!...>>>>Settle​4it<<<<
10/8/2012Karma smile from Lady Jane Smith
10/7/2012The Best Thread Evah - the GoodBye GLP One !
10/6/2012Sinkhole input... TheTruthWorker
10/6/2012Beware Of Dolphin----See Karma Quote!
10/6/2012Appreciate your standing in your truth!
10/6/2012Kudos on the info in the Assumption thread
10/6/2012Deja vue thread - thanks! love to you - abbe normal
10/3/2012TY for being kind about the post, appreciate it. IndigoMoon
10/3/2012Always happy to see your input on a thread! SkinnyChic.
10/1/2012No way you're a shill! - RoXY
10/1/2012GO AWAY, and take your FEAR mongering with you. YOU ARE DONE, soon to be blocked from this site.
10/1/2012Thanks for the article on corexit and synthia. Let Freedom Ring
9/30/2012Green Day....>>>>Settle4it<​<<<
9/27/2012Be free.pool
9/24/2012Thank you so much my friend. BK
9/23/2012Your post took my breath away. Bravo! Five stars and green karma!
9/23/2012Karma Sunday!....>>>>Settle​4it<<<<
9/22/2012Your opening line just made my day...Chas :)))
9/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/22/2012Buggin.thnxs. warriorsbond
9/22/2012Liked the elites bugging out thread. good question
9/22/2012TY for trying to connect the dots! IndigoMoon
9/4/2012A GREAT friend!!!....>>>>Sett​le4it<<<<
8/26/2012Buddy Karma!...>>>>Settle4i​t<<<<
8/21/2012Good post on Michigan Saddletramp
8/19/2012So full of shit. Fear monger. Stop begging for pins, you look ridiculous.
8/18/2012For the Michigan thread, as I'm at 21 and Van Dyke! Scary! Jilly23
8/18/2012For looking at the real me and the upgrade
8/18/2012Thx for the info....waterbug
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