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Nigel Tufnel's Karma

Total: 36 (36  User Votes) and 11

12/29/20121+ Up!
11/14/2011You are a sneaky little shill nigel -a little smarter than most but still a SHILL
11/14/2011A BIG good karma for being the voice of reason and maturity! SK-RECLUSE
11/14/2011Walkers crisps LOL
11/14/2011Oh shut up..
11/14/2011Doom behind the sofa! where else?
11/12/2011Thx for the karma, a Brian May karma your way! ayr phorce yuan.
11/11/2011Thank you!!!
11/11/2011From a fellow space nut
11/11/2011Liking good french cars
11/11/2011Was funny. Thanks for support. got loads of-ve too.
11/11/2011Good summary of that post on the letter - C^ ^tboi91
11/4/2011A shill
11/4/2011If you had a dick to cut off that is
11/3/2011Cheers for having a civil discussion - ANHEDONIC
11/2/2011For sucking shill nuts. You may not be a shill, but my instincts are telling me that you definitely are a shill who just happens to be one of the smarter ones.
10/27/2011Understands contrails and the lunacy of the "chemtrail" Urban Legend
10/25/2011Im portadown but at least your not glentoran lol, lfcni
10/22/2011Karma Bomb.. Hit me Back
10/20/2011For the agreement that Olaf is being Out of Order! -Cesium.
10/18/2011Sensible post in an astromomy thread. Rare on GLP lol - Lime flavoured
10/18/2011No offence taken. one karma for using a good word (knobbing) lol
10/11/20111 back at ya - thanks - sensible people are rare on here
10/11/2011For being so anal about other's spelling and such. perhaps they are foreign?
10/11/2011Backing up questioning threads from an all-knowing fundamentalistic atheist.
10/7/2011Thanks :)
10/6/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/28/2011I lolled, thanks
9/28/2011It is truth
9/28/2011You have class - WalkersEverywhere
9/26/2011So yr mom fucks nN ... go figure asswipe
9/16/2011I now have some karma for you:-)
9/16/2011YES another SMART reasonable person on GLP!!!... >>>Archangel-NL<<<
9/15/2011"but anecdotal evidence does not constitute proof" - Karma for truth - Sir Phydeau
9/13/2011Your welcome
9/11/20111 for Elenin truth!!-Danose
9/2/2011Brief :)
9/1/2011Mooshi Kin Karma
9/1/2011Coz ya name is nigel
9/1/20111 up!
9/1/2011Because you love the stars in the sky
8/31/2011Learn Some Ancient History
8/31/20111 for you :)

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