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Terrebonne's Karma

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1/3/2016Thanks 4 posting, serena
1/1/2016Happy New Year! Autumn Dreams
1/1/2016To a Marvellous New Year! Love & Light! ~Wubbo
12/27/2015Love your signature! I am also an INFJ. :) It's A Secret
12/26/2015Merry Christmas from Sweet Dee
12/26/2015Hoping you had a great Christmas! TrustNoOneKS
12/24/2015Happy Holidays!! Love & Light ~Wubbo
12/23/2015Hello Terrebonne! Merry Christmas to you and your family :) Autumn Dreams
12/22/2015Love the holiday avatar T! Isis One
12/19/2015Merry Christmas friend! I sure hope your feeling better. Love you much. Goddess of the sea 1
12/17/2015Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :) ~ Beso
12/14/2015Very Merry Christmas Wishes to YA!!--Bodiless
12/9/2015INFJ :) Beso
12/8/2015Hi Terrebonne,hope all is well with you! hugs Autumn Dreams :)
12/6/2015Hi T! Isis One
12/3/2015That wasnt your point, dummy
11/30/2015Only dummies saw a dummy!
11/28/2015Love from Sweet Dee
11/15/2015Hi Terrebonne,hope you're doing well,have a great week Autumn Dreams
10/27/2015Thinking of you and hope you are feeling better today. Love~ Goddess of the sea 1
10/27/2015Green from SweetDee
10/25/2015Hello Terrebone hope you're feeling much better :) Autumn Dreams
10/25/2015Greens for a good energy week! TrustNoOneKS
10/23/2015Love - ES
10/19/2015Thanks love for sticking up for me and for just being you. i aporeciate you very much. love, sherri
10/19/2015From Sweet Dee
10/18/2015Thanks, Obama F'cked us
10/17/2015Autumn Dreams :)
10/16/2015Happy day to you!....love-love, cosmicgypsy
10/11/2015Sending you some love! Goddess of the sea 1
10/8/2015Thanks for that meme--using it in another place!!!--Bodiless
10/5/2015From SweetDee
10/5/2015Greens for a good energy week! TrustNoOneKS
10/4/2015Thank you for contributing. ~TML
9/29/2015Green for you ~ A r k
9/28/2015Have a great week ! Hugs Autumn :)
9/27/2015Love from Sweet Dee
9/25/2015Anything is possible....love-love​, cosmicgypsy
9/24/2015Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
9/23/2015I always enjoy your comments and I am glad we are friends. your awesome! Love~ Goddess of the sea 1
9/21/2015Great tip about the trees' healing power! â¤
9/18/2015Sweet Dee
9/17/2015A r k
9/14/2015Sending you some Love~ Goddess of the sea 1
9/10/2015Thank you for the link! IAS
9/7/2015Karma drive by! - Rev Woo-Woo
9/4/2015A wise soul
9/4/2015Thanks for the thanks! Hare Krsna!
9/3/2015A r c
9/3/2015That was very kind of you to help out Trascender. thank you love. Goddess of the sea 1
8/29/2015Sweet Dee
8/28/2015Woo Hoo!! Go you New Age tard!!
8/28/2015You New Age Tard you! Lol! :) It's A Secret
8/27/2015New age tard
8/26/2015Thanks for the green. With Love~Goddess of the sea 1
8/25/2015Tuesday green! energy thread ,Autumn :)
8/19/2015Thumbs up on lice/illegal immigrants - Big Daddy D
8/18/2015Postive and great person!
8/17/2015Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
8/15/2015Thanks Terrebonne! I really enjoyed your math video!! With Love~Goddess of the sea 1
8/13/2015Hi Terrebonne, here is some good karma! / Ivan :D
8/10/2015Hello Terrebonne!! Hope you're well. :) IAS
8/6/2015Sweet Dee
7/30/2015Good Post! Sir_Kayle
7/30/2015ItsAllOneBigLie =)
7/28/2015Enjoying your presence my friend. sending you love~ Goddess of the sea 1
7/27/2015Hi T! Isis One
7/27/2015Monday, monday... can't trust that day. ~ A Friend
7/27/2015Hi Terrebonne- and TY for that hands/praying video - CommonA
7/26/2015A r c
7/26/2015Turn away from the new-age and pagan practices Terrebonne and turn back to God and his word. He loves you and is waiting for you to return to him.
7/21/2015Thanks! - Sir_Kayle
7/17/2015Very knowledgeable on the topic.
7/12/2015Sweet Dee
7/11/2015He's right Trump. LOL RayGun
7/10/2015Right on, it's indoctrination. ~TML
7/9/2015Outraged as you (Bedford) -Hats
7/6/2015Summergreen ~ A r c
7/5/2015Love your energy raVen
7/3/2015"What I'VE was told???" GREAT grammar douchie!!! NOT.
7/2/2015Green for a fellow spiritualist hippie ;)
6/28/2015Roman thread - Lionels Love
6/26/2015American Patriot (Mel Gibson) smilie :) ReginLeif
6/24/2015Happy fellow April 13th! .Soup
6/23/2015Thank you green for you, cheers from davvi
6/21/2015Left/Right pic. ~ShillShank
6/19/2015A r c
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