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<Peace>'s Avatar<Peace> Italy108 months, 8 days ago72 months, 1 days ago276
 üaüaü Turkey81 months, 0 days ago50 months, 17 days ago0
*<3sugar&spice<3*'s Avatar*<3sugar&spice<3* USA122 months, 22 days ago1 day ago6,567
 1357 USA158 months, 29 days ago5 months, 9 days ago2,585
41DragonFlies's Avatar41DragonFlies USA108 months, 5 days ago75 months, 23 days ago245
 ?allthings USA103 months, 27 days ago15 months, 12 days ago1,117
 A.R.T. Starfleet96 months, 19 days ago29 months, 21 days ago2,123
 Akheron1919 USA124 months, 29 days ago40 months, 1 days ago61
AkivaJeff's AvatarAkivaJeff USA108 months, 27 days ago104 months, 22 days ago654
 anew United Kingdom105 months, 15 days ago105 months, 15 days ago0
awake2survive's Avatarawake2survive USA133 months, 21 days ago1 day ago163
 Bellatrix_OMFG Brazil105 months, 5 days ago105 months, 3 days ago5
Blitz the storm-striker's AvatarBlitz the storm-striker Canada109 months, 3 days ago77 months, 3 days ago5,285
 BobTheDog USA133 months, 16 days ago82 months, 15 days ago702
Bridge of Sighs's AvatarBridge of Sighs USA124 months, 24 days ago28 months, 2 days ago5,258
Bush Master's AvatarBush Master USA122 months, 9 days ago4 months, 24 days ago30,599
 canadianphotog Canada119 months, 18 days ago118 months, 7 days ago0
Carol B.'s AvatarCarol B. USA129 months, 8 days agoToday10,761
 Cassandra's Echo Canada125 months, 9 days ago4 months, 24 days ago405
 Chas USA141 months, 19 days agoToday4,462
 CowgirlK Starfleet119 months, 5 days ago74 months, 25 days ago10,300
Daddysgirl's AvatarDaddysgirl USA190 months, 7 days ago58 months, 18 days ago5,554
 Daisypicker USA103 months, 19 days ago103 months, 18 days ago3
Daniel of the Rose's AvatarDaniel of the Rose Starfleet123 months, 11 days agoToday10,846
 Darlin Nikki USA101 months, 5 days ago99 months, 12 days ago32
 Doomalicious USA119 months, 18 days ago70 months, 15 days ago1,495
 Doomamatrix USA168 months, 19 days ago39 months, 25 days ago14,171
DoomBert's AvatarDoomBert USA98 months, 28 days ago95 months, 19 days ago926
 DoTheRightThing-NoVio​lence USA104 months, 7 days ago91 months, 7 days ago2,006
eagleman's Avatareagleman USA133 months, 7 days ago6 months, 10 days ago2,058
 Elena.C Moldova114 months, 18 days ago56 months, 18 days ago568
 ERE3 USA113 months, 29 days ago69 months, 14 days ago8,524
Etta's AvatarEtta USA104 months, 22 days agoToday4,537
eV3y's AvatareV3y USA109 months, 4 days ago9 months, 21 days ago4,430
ExTraDimensionaL777's AvatarExTraDimensionaL777 Starfleet105 months, 15 days ago1 day ago1,968
 Firebright USA118 months, 22 days ago1 months, 9 days ago3
glitchinthematrix's Avatarglitchinthematrix USA93 months, 22 days ago91 months, 14 days ago43
 gulfie Reunion126 months, 5 days ago112 months, 17 days ago25
 happywreniam USA99 months, 18 days ago22 months, 14 days ago218
 Hunny~B USA99 months, 15 days ago65 months, 24 days ago474
 jamce Argentina98 months, 27 days ago24 months, 13 days ago196
 JaydeWaters USA102 months, 26 days ago91 months, 13 days ago28
jpaint's Avatarjpaint Canada136 months, 3 days agoToday9
 Jusvistn USA106 months, 28 days ago103 months, 25 days ago101
 Kathdee USA126 months, 29 days ago1 months, 13 days ago17
 Keomah USA119 months, 18 days ago87 months, 24 days ago185
 kunu Australia104 months, 0 days ago103 months, 8 days ago0
l0ves0ul's Avatarl0ves0ul Other99 months, 7 days ago2 months, 18 days ago377
 ladyannie2009 USA112 months, 19 days ago56 months, 16 days ago4,096
LBE777's AvatarLBE777 USA92 months, 10 days agoToday19
Le Palma's AvatarLe Palma USA133 months, 11 days ago91 months, 28 days ago4,009
 Lekker Starfleet117 months, 23 days ago47 months, 18 days ago3,810
 loveandlight USA88 months, 7 days ago61 months, 4 days ago11
M*walk's AvatarM*walk Starfleet108 months, 20 days agoToday20,286
MarkHunter's AvatarMarkHunter USA111 months, 16 days agoToday796
 maskers USA125 months, 28 days agoToday91
miabelieves's Avatarmiabelieves USA142 months, 5 days ago2 days ago5,690
 NaturesLight Chile107 months, 0 days ago88 months, 5 days ago58
 NDC777 United Kingdom108 months, 25 days ago78 months, 27 days ago46
 NewEarth ONE Australia4 months, 9 days ago13 days ago0
NordicNeoShaman's AvatarNordicNeoShaman Finland105 months, 19 days ago34 months, 11 days ago321
 old guard USA122 months, 16 days ago88 months, 1 days ago2,407
 Open Your Eyes USA137 months, 25 days ago89 months, 24 days ago77,735
 Ozark USA129 months, 24 days ago98 months, 9 days ago1,191
phillk6751's Avatarphillk6751 USA108 months, 19 days agoToday1,095
 Praxe Brazil94 months, 6 days ago81 months, 21 days ago99
Ralph--a house dog's AvatarRalph--a house dog USA105 months, 2 days ago28 months, 11 days ago17,062
 Ranger Batman USA116 months, 2 days ago82 months, 12 days ago10,119
RogueRN's AvatarRogueRN USA120 months, 5 days agoToday13,039
 Rudysarsof Australia107 months, 27 days ago104 months, 11 days ago640
seer's Avatarseer USA145 months, 18 days agoToday4,670
 Senhor Web Brazil124 months, 7 days ago86 months, 9 days ago21
 shawnerz USA108 months, 14 days ago19 months, 1 days ago295
silvervega's Avatarsilvervega Starfleet134 months, 10 days agoToday6,398
 Smack Ireland107 months, 0 days ago83 months, 29 days ago251
 Solar Guardian Singapore112 months, 5 days ago74 months, 15 days ago16,882
Southern Lighthouse's AvatarSouthern Lighthouse USA120 months, 3 days ago31 months, 3 days ago3,564
 Spectre One Niner USA103 months, 27 days ago97 months, 23 days ago149
 sugar61 Australia129 months, 21 days ago79 months, 20 days ago48
Sundecoder's AvatarSundecoder Switzerland108 months, 8 days agoToday2,616
Technological Supremacy's AvatarTechnological Supremacy Starfleet142 months, 9 days agoToday6,011
Tex the Neanderthal's AvatarTex the Neanderthal United Kingdom71 months, 7 days agoToday1,455
 TGW USA107 months, 22 days ago105 months, 12 days ago17
The Sonic Dreamer's AvatarThe Sonic Dreamer Andorra105 months, 17 days ago100 months, 9 days ago2,088
 TPM Germany111 months, 26 days ago111 months, 26 days ago0
 Troy. USA103 months, 20 days ago3 months, 22 days ago3,423
Tuff~Kooky's AvatarTuff~Kooky USA118 months, 26 days ago2 months, 23 days ago2,339
 Twistedroots Mexico106 months, 17 days ago5 months, 10 days ago30
UseLessRepEATER's AvatarUseLessRepEATER USA138 months, 6 days agoToday15,558
 Valhalla 1 USA135 months, 25 days ago56 months, 28 days ago26
 Vasile.Lupu Romania127 months, 19 days ago111 months, 16 days ago488
 w8n4Yah USA107 months, 20 days ago98 months, 27 days ago43
WinterStone's AvatarWinterStone USA97 months, 12 days ago3 days ago4,309
 XENnex USA114 months, 12 days ago110 months, 0 days ago1,084
YamAniaC's AvatarYamAniaC Not specified120 months, 11 days ago1 months, 15 days ago1,626
 zigerrrrrrrrrrrrr USA119 months, 18 days ago62 months, 20 days ago111
 _Doomguy_ Finland114 months, 24 days ago112 months, 0 days ago13
~Apparitions~'s Avatar~Apparitions~ USA112 months, 19 days ago104 months, 17 days ago479