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OutofHer's Karma

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5/8/2022When the pendulum swings back to the left it might hit you in the head
10/24/2021TDS piece of shit...just can't let him go can ya. plenty of bad shit is going down with this admin and you still want to bitch about Trump. you fuckers are truly doomed..lmao
10/24/2021Lol libz
11/27/2013Thanks for the post (waterman)
11/13/2012For posting the truth
7/7/2012Yes it will
6/29/2012Religious nut
6/28/2012Burn in hell you filthy whore!
6/20/2012Grace be with you
1/9/2012Love your Gog Magog post! Will read more on the soundoctrine website. God bless! ~Kim
10/9/2011From Ohwow! Re: Left Behind. Good post refuting the lie of pre-trib

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