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esoteric Morgan's Karma

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9/11/2016I liked your post post - gami
9/11/2016Happy Sunday, EM -asymptote
9/11/2016Strgzr :)
9/10/2016Weekend green from UseLessRepEATER
9/5/2016Trolls be trolling, we have to set them straight~kpm~
9/5/2016Little green bump from JB
9/3/2016I agree. When will arrests be made?
9/3/2016From Ralph--a house dog
9/2/2016Happy Friday EM, -asymptote
8/25/2016Happy Thursday, EM-asymptote
8/23/2016Thanks for commenting on my round animal thread! TrustNoOneKS
8/20/2016Karma roLL .C.C
8/19/2016Thanks for your contribution to my thread! savcash
8/19/2016Knows the Bush crimes well. pool
8/17/2016Happppy green I miss you sweet lady!! Zoowatcher2
8/16/2016Will you marry me? ~ Rat Face
8/15/2016Thank you for the kind words.
8/15/2016For being you. Doobie
8/13/2016Good info. Thanks. -Revbo
8/13/2016Hallo morgan! :D calx
8/12/2016Karma roLL .C.C
8/12/2016Back at you-Thanks~Twizz~
8/11/2016For contributing to my thread-Keeptalking
8/11/2016From Ralph---a house dog
8/10/2016Thank you for the trump tower thread, good stuff!! Love, PuppyBreath
8/10/2016Trump Tower Guy coverage, thanks! -auntiebeads
8/10/2016Thanks for the green and the spiderman GLPer thread....Lilopin
8/10/2016Ty for the green the other day! :) Here's some green for Trump Tower Spiderman thread lol. ~Tangy :)
8/10/2016Green for edit---Luxen
8/10/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
8/10/2016Brief :)
8/9/2016Thank you, Morgan, green from davvi
8/8/2016Truth seeker
8/8/2016Funny - father Gascoigne
8/7/2016THNKS 4 the pin! duFontaine
8/5/2016Buddy list ... please return the favor ... and I will again ... -- QuantumLove
8/4/2016Edward Snowden
8/4/2016My last karma vote of the night. Veddy, veddy stwange. Have a good one. strgzr
8/3/2016Another stolen meme does its job :) abi~
8/3/2016Some Wednesday green from Larry D. Croc
8/3/2016Thanks for the green! -JGJO
8/3/2016Green for the green you gave -asymptote
8/2/2016Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
8/2/2016Bliss Your Way Today In Every Way ~Lumminessa~
7/31/2016Thanks for the green Morgan. Egyptian invisible
7/30/2016Have a lovely weekend, friend. :-) ~ Debauchery
7/29/2016For your posts ! From Tiger1.
7/29/2016Friday green--Bodiless
7/28/2016Love and hugs Zoowatcher2
7/28/2016General sense and particularly the comment re.DNC muted. Doobie
7/27/2016Blah blah blah
7/23/2016Buddy list ... return the favor :) thanks buddy - QuantumLove
7/22/2016But this may just be wishful thinking. ~Tandym
7/22/2016Amazing post in thread about isis/israel
7/21/2016Appreciate your critical thinking skills!! Isis One
7/19/2016So happy the video was helpful....love-love,​ cosmicgypsy
7/19/2016Glad you like the moon too. ---Troller D
7/17/2016Letting people enjoy what they do - Roobit
7/17/2016For the desire to understand
7/17/2016Good taste in poetry ;)
7/17/2016Don't like Trump but feel your devastation. Cheer up!
7/16/2016Very astute! - mehitable adams
7/16/2016Have a great day Hawk02
7/16/2016From Ralph--a house dog....DOWN WITH TPP!
7/16/2016Happy green sweet lady Zoowatcher2
7/15/2016Green from gonviral
7/15/2016Bodiless green
7/14/2016For being wonderful amd quite cute! - asymptote
7/14/2016Truth - Kraut
7/14/2016Re: Black Man tells it like it is ... while wearing a GLP hat --- please return the favor - thanks buddy :) xo
7/12/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
7/12/2016Green huggin' ya back Morgan! You stay safe too, it's gone madd out there,.,.M*walk
7/10/2016Smiles to you. -w_nb
7/5/2016Green from the juno thread from gonviral
7/4/2016For the flowers
7/3/2016Because Morgan
7/2/2016Its June an I got married ,buying a house sooon S xx
6/27/2016All the best EM. -w_nb
6/27/2016Hey EM! Happy thoughts for you Zoowatcher2
6/26/2016Green to you - G3
6/26/2016Returning the karma, am enjoying your posts! Mila (mrsP)
6/25/2016Delusional, fuck off
6/25/2016Great post, bloodlines thread----Terrebonne
6/25/2016Its me, solar shield. can you donate any amount to my fundraising page link at my signature.
6/25/2016Karma roLL .C.C
6/22/2016Yes grown toxic....love your post....finley
6/22/2016Long time no hug Morgan, here's a green one for ya! .,,.,M*walk
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