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Spiritmyst's Karma

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5/3/2022Love the Aura Kitten ave! ~Diesel
7/6/2021YES! Less wrinkled for sure. The eyes too
7/6/2021Green blessings - grove street
5/25/2021Adorable kitten! xoxo sseess
3/19/2021Pipher sends you Fluffy Cat Green.JF Priest
3/16/2021Yes, Facts!
2/22/2021Thanks - grove street
2/14/2021Makes it a dark winter for me too! InTheGLPHood
1/25/2021Twas brillig, and the slithy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe: all mimsey were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe
12/4/2020I love your avatar Canalien
10/21/2020Fucking retard...
10/19/2020Jabberwocky ~ Where Eagles Dare
9/26/2020Yo Adrian
7/14/2020Cheers from CK
7/7/2020The left couldn't lead CHAZ; no chance they could lead the nation
6/29/2020Love the LC sig line - Twas brillig, and the slithy toves....
12/20/2019Fuzzy sunshine kitty - TDP2
7/22/2018We have more than we know ~ Evangelina
6/21/2018Whatever afterlife he finds...the pastor.
5/1/2018Green for your kitty Avatar--too adorable! Cheers! TheOracle'sCookie
4/24/2018That is the coolest avatar of a cat i have ever seen. -AS
1/12/2018Google Kaho'olawe
12/2/2017Dr Phil. love Miss Cleo
7/22/2017Nice compliment, thank you from Godfrequency
7/7/2017Providing Green / It's What I Do
4/11/2017Keep the Trump faith! hang in there....sloonie
2/18/2017Pope remark. 2 post down from yours: Garufal
12/1/2016Beautiful respose to my barron trump thread! thanks for posting, savcash
8/15/2016Love your kitty avatar Deafening Silence
8/9/2016You are cool!
8/2/2016Because speaking truth is everything.
6/1/2016Good comment on the great commission - [email protected]
5/16/2016Thank you so much! Luisport!
5/14/2016Spreading the green around :) ~thinking...
4/16/2016For your encouragement --trumpsupporter
3/23/2016Postivie comment on my thread -- trumpsupporter
3/15/2016Thank you so much for link to Beck's dialogue on Jesus/Trump! Miggy
3/10/2016Love your avatar! DoomMaster
3/8/2016Love your avi~kpm~
2/15/2016Falsely blaming people.
1/31/2016Interdasting picture eh - MM87
1/25/2016Call to Buford! Green Corndog
12/28/2015Bambi2U =)
12/6/2015Green for your fluffy kitten! ~Snuffie.
11/11/2015Thanks for contributing! bigD111
11/4/2015Green because I love your avatar! - KidCharlemagne
9/15/2015I sure hope he isnt
8/11/2015Cool! Share the green! O4A
5/14/2015Excellent! Spread the love !!! O4A
3/16/2015Cool! Share the green! O4A
2/16/2015Excellent! Spread the love !!!
1/15/2015Excellent! Spread the love !!! O4A
1/5/2015Cool! Share the green!
12/27/2014Cool! Share the green! {O4A}
12/12/2014Cool! Share the green! {O4A}
11/17/2014Excellent! Spread the love !!!
11/10/2014Holy kitty blesses you - MisfitToy
10/28/2014Excellent! Spread the love !!! O4A
10/6/2014Cutest kitteh green...cosmicgypsy
10/6/2014Cool! Share the green! {O4A}
9/25/2014Thank you for your input on the "schools close due to meningitis" thread ... Zuzu
9/12/2014Excellent! Spread the love !!! O4A
8/21/2014Cool! Share the green! {O4A}
7/31/2014Praise God; Share the Green ! {O4A}
7/18/2014Cool! Share the green! {O4A}
5/14/2014Cool! Share the green! {O4A}
5/8/2014Beautiful Avatar. Thank you for the smile.
4/9/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
3/11/2014Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
2/18/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
1/31/2014Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
1/19/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
1/8/2014Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
12/27/2013Awesome! Share the green!!
12/17/2013Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
12/7/2013Awesome! Share the green!!!
11/23/2013Awesome! Share the green!!! {O4A}
11/11/2013Awesome! Share the green!!!
10/28/2013Awesome! Share the green!!! {O4A}
10/18/2013Awesome! Share the green!!!
10/5/2013Awesome! Share the green!!! {O4A}
9/23/2013Awesome! Share the green!!!
9/19/2013I love your avatar
9/6/2013Share the green [o4a]
8/17/2013Thanks Share the green!
8/4/2013He died Once for All!
6/28/2013I like your clear thinking, thanks for the insight - hannah50
6/11/2013Love your kitteh av! Meow...
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