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Armitage Ranjit Dakkar's Karma

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12/19/2018Fuck off homo
12/19/2018For sticking it to the trumptards
12/19/2018Neocon this you dumbass
12/18/2018Your tranny boyfriend has titties that look like tube socks with Q balls in them hanging over a hairy pale as fuck pot belly, ya biyatch.
12/14/2018Say hi to the EU
12/14/2018Fuck off muslim scum
12/14/2018Lmao, chasing glp dipshits
12/14/2018Good reply
12/14/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/12/2018Massive mean spirited troll
12/12/2018Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
12/12/2018Fuck you cunt
12/12/2018Yer an absolute arsehole...InYerNeck
12/11/2018American riots have killed a few, a few dozen and more than a couple thousand. Deadly riots involving cars being rammed into people and killing them have occurred in very recent history. You are just
12/11/2018Fuck off douche bag!
12/11/2018French Have Bigger BALLS. You are so right, i live in US
12/11/2018Shill retard
12/11/2018All through my excrements ye shall roam. OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TASTE MY FOAM.
12/11/2018Lying asshole
12/11/2018Molenbeek beckons disease
12/11/2018Your a fucking belt!
12/11/2018A white hating libtard
12/11/2018Dumb Fuck
12/11/2018Go back to fucking tumblr you fucktwat.
12/11/2018Dumb cunt
12/11/2018Ignorant about real racism in America.
12/10/2018Low IQ poster
12/10/2018America hating asshole
12/10/2018You're the one with dementia
12/10/2018Are you still diddling children?
12/10/2018Speaking of Fat Purple haired Antifia Lesbian. Hi!!
12/7/2018Why not?
12/7/2018Fight the good fight! ~hillbilly
12/6/2018Nice to know there is at least one other person on this site who uses reason, common sense and logic when considering the legitimacy of a post
12/6/2018Trump does have faith
12/6/2018Very good point
12/6/2018Proof of that slander? Btw, are you without sin?

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