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3/3/2015Vaccine Nazi
3/3/2015U need to get unstoned and study the facts
3/2/2015Hi from K Hall
2/27/2015Reported Copyright Violation
2/20/2015The moon venus and mars :) ~ghost runner
2/20/2015Green smoke kindness - Lionels Love
2/20/2015Thanks for the moon and planet post :)
2/20/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
2/18/2015Truth - Setheory
2/14/2015The voice of reason :) K Hall
2/10/2015Green from Seth
2/8/2015Thanks! Dace =-)
2/1/2015MMR - hydra
2/1/2015Disneyland Measles Outbreak 2015 -- Elena.C
2/1/2015Great, important thread, thanks, Ontheverge
2/1/2015For wanting to force vaccines on the rest of us. For acting as if measles is some sort of deadly epidemic, yet were dismissive and patronizing over ebola only months ago.
2/1/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/25/2015Hi from K Hall
1/24/20151up - Hydra
1/23/2015Measles Outbreak thread, Ag47
1/18/2015Green for sanity in a world of Woo-woos - Karlos
1/6/2015Hope you had a great New Year's :) K Hall
1/2/2015Best wishes for 2015 - Karlos
12/31/2014Happy New Year! BKK
12/29/20141up - hydra
12/24/2014Have a good Christmas - Karlos
12/22/2014Hey! -MaTV
11/23/2014Returning the green: BKK
11/21/2014Green for the good guys - Karlos
11/18/2014It survived the lightning ! K Hall
11/5/2014Buddy green - Karlos
11/5/2014Much love to you, plus a squidgy hug from Ele xx
11/4/2014Your Sun post cheered me up! MySaul
11/4/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
11/4/2014Too far south green - Setheory
11/4/2014Thanks for the reminder about the Sun, I will look out for that ;) K Hall
11/2/20141up - hy
10/25/2014The Electric Sky , Short-circuited pdf ~ K Hall
10/22/2014Green for the good guys - Karlos
10/22/2014Cheers - Setheory
10/11/2014Happy weekend! Hugs from Ele xx
10/10/2014Because he thinks im a fish fish cnt type they dnt have flangies.
10/9/2014Moar - 74444
10/8/20141 more for ban immunity - hy
10/8/2014In that case, have one on me - Setheory
10/8/2014Scourge of electrotards :) K Hall
10/3/2014RSS - LOLs - Karlos
10/1/20141up - hy
9/29/2014Green for unity; BKK
9/16/2014Up one for the sane and rational - Karlos
9/14/2014Do you fancy writing something about Rosetta orbital mechnics, gallilean relativity, inirtial frames etc for Rosetta's eliptical orbit? :) K Hall
9/13/20141up - hy
9/12/2014Let the green flow through you; BKK
9/12/2014Hope you're well, keep on keeping on, hugs, Ele xx
9/3/2014Good Rosetta contribution thanks ~ K Hall
9/2/20141up - hy
8/31/2014Ele xx
8/29/2014Plus one - Karlos
8/27/2014Setheory was here
8/22/2014Immunity protection; BKK
8/16/2014Up! - MaTV
8/11/2014Ah green in August; BKK
8/6/2014Sane and rational - a rarity here - Karlos
8/4/2014Logic Karma - Setheory
8/2/20141 - hy
7/20/2014Hey there! Likewise!! -MaTV
7/19/2014Back at you - hy
7/18/2014UK ISP finally allowed back on GLP - Buddy green - Karlos
7/17/2014Keeping it real; BKK
7/8/20141up - Hy
7/7/2014Doing what i can BKK
7/3/2014Hey low! Thanks for the continous support! Greets - MaTV
7/2/2014WHY dont you log-in when trolling in my threads? -IWASTHERE-
6/28/2014Thanks - 1up too - H
6/25/2014Reality is better than fantasy; BKK
6/16/2014Keeping up the anti-bane brigade: BKK (aka LBJ)
6/10/2014Up 1 for the good guys - Karlos
6/5/20141up Hydra
5/20/2014No bane here; LBJ
5/18/20141up - hydra
5/8/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/8/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/8/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/5/2014420 always good: LBJ
5/4/2014Up 1 for the good guys - Karlos
4/30/2014Hey T! - TunnelVision
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