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8/30/20161up - Hy
8/21/2016Reported Abusive Post
8/20/20161up - had a short holiday - Hydra
7/31/20161 up - hydra
7/18/20161 up for sanity - Karlos
7/13/2016I'm in readonly mode now...lol. - Boxer
7/1/2016I pray for your poor children you probably vaxed. if you dont have kids then wtf are you doing freak?
6/29/2016Reported Copyright Violation
6/19/20161up hydra
6/7/2016Good on you for noticing - Set Theory
6/6/2016Talking about *peaceniks*. Have a nice day, Sloane
6/6/20161up - hydra
5/2/20161up - hy
4/22/2016Thanx - hy
4/18/2016Back to Reality - Setheory
4/17/2016Green for sanity - Karlos
4/11/2016Reported Copyright Violation
4/11/2016Reported Copyright Violation
4/10/2016Wrong side of history.
4/7/20161 back - hy
4/7/2016Vaccination tard. Hope your kids don't end up autistic...Very irresponible of you. Shame on you.
4/7/2016Peddle your shit somewhere else
3/23/20161 - Setheory
2/22/2016Amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate ....look it up bitch
2/20/2016Have a nice weekend - hydra
2/14/2016Up1 for common sense in a world of Looney-Tunes - Karlos
2/12/20161+ Up!
1/21/20161up hydra
1/1/20161up for the good guys - Karlos
12/23/2015Yeah it has. -Astro
11/30/20151up - hydra
11/21/20151up - Hydra
11/13/2015Up one - Setheory
11/5/2015Setheory +1
11/3/20151up hydra
7/28/2015Green for sanity, in a world of woo-woos - Karlos
7/15/20151up hydra
6/26/20151up hydra
6/9/2015Just lurking lately BKK
6/7/2015Mild excitement for sparkologists :) K Hall
6/5/20151 for sanity - Karlos
5/20/2015Against Wakefield's dupes ~ K Hall
5/20/2015For posting science, niphtrique
5/20/2015Why are you trying to hurt people?
5/20/2015You can't log out of your OP post to avoid karma, shilltard
5/20/2015Spreading erroneous info
5/20/2015Pill shill
5/20/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
5/19/2015Gov't shill tard.
5/19/20151up - hydra
5/10/2015Thanks hydra
4/14/2015I have him camped in my thread ~ KH
4/9/2015Thx for the green; been gone for a while; BKK
3/30/2015I'm in the IDWverse :) K Hall
3/20/20151 K Hall
3/6/2015Up 1 for sanity - Karlos
3/4/2015You paint with a VERY broad brush! {as you know very well! Shame on you!)
3/3/2015Vaccine Nazi
3/3/2015U need to get unstoned and study the facts
3/2/2015Hi from K Hall
2/27/2015Reported Copyright Violation
2/20/2015The moon venus and mars :) ~ghost runner
2/20/2015Green smoke kindness - Lionels Love
2/20/2015Thanks for the moon and planet post :)
2/20/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
2/18/2015Truth - Setheory
2/14/2015The voice of reason :) K Hall
2/10/2015Green from Seth
2/8/2015Thanks! Dace =-)
2/1/2015MMR - hydra
2/1/2015Disneyland Measles Outbreak 2015 -- Elena.C
2/1/2015Great, important thread, thanks, Ontheverge
2/1/2015For wanting to force vaccines on the rest of us. For acting as if measles is some sort of deadly epidemic, yet were dismissive and patronizing over ebola only months ago.
2/1/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/25/2015Hi from K Hall
1/24/20151up - Hydra
1/23/2015Measles Outbreak thread, Ag47
1/18/2015Green for sanity in a world of Woo-woos - Karlos
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