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5/3/2019Friday Karma! Have a Nice Weekend! Hawk-03
4/2/2019Boring Tuesday? Spice it up with some green Karma! Hawk-03
12/31/2018Be safe on New Year's Eve. A little good karma to help you along
12/22/2018Thanks for posting in my What if thread, Merry Christmas from savcash
11/29/2018Good observation, White Wolf
9/5/2018Green from marooned
8/25/2018Green from marooned
8/1/2018Exactly! Well said.
6/22/2018Thanks, ----brubaker
3/17/2018Green from marooned ;)
3/8/2018Not someones pockets. It goes toward a hidden space program for the elite to eave earth and colonize space
3/6/2018Yup! Release it; the deniers won't look.
1/29/2018'' South Africa has turned to a total shithole! '' trust me, not ''by itself '' ... EUROPEANS messed up all continents, not the other way around ... remember th
1/28/2018Thanks for commenting! - Putin's Voluntaryist
12/21/2017Love that line (dems should be deported) - Half Past Midnight
11/25/2017Thanks for commenting on Alexa thread! - Putin's Voluntaryist
11/14/2017Sick person
11/6/2017Thanks for the comment! - Putin's Voluntaryist
11/6/2017Go Virginians! TY - mylifeforyou
10/26/2017Good job cancelling all NFL channels. Huck Fillary.
9/1/2017Green - haha - grove street
1/31/2014Yes it is!- G. Orwell
12/16/2013LOL @ the turkey in the oven suggestion :) Merry Christmas!!! - Eireann~
11/21/2013I already do this
11/10/2013Art! -Bananael
11/6/2013Awesome art !! from green_girl
11/4/2013No one gives an equal fuck weither you dor don't own a smartphone, get over yourself you very special snowflake you !
10/3/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/27/2013Usually those who chirp about "Fags" the loudest, tend to be closested homos themselves. Just sayin'
7/29/2013Posting REALLY OLD SHIT! Dumb fuck!
7/29/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/15/2013Not a tit shot - thx for posting on my thread - DarbyDoom
5/5/2013That's one way. I vote for letting him live as long as possible, and to repeatedly suffer the fate he so carelessly dealt others...
3/26/2013The best way to indulge!
3/16/2013Thanks for responding to my selfish yummy food thread:)
2/19/2013Thats the nicest thing anybody has said to me in a long time here thanks
1/20/2013I understand your pain!
1/17/2013I didn't want to laugh, but I did. ~~ Daisy Clover
11/5/20120 planned Benghazi camment - Dark_Green
9/26/2012Hope you feel better.
9/1/2012You= dumb piece of shit
8/11/2012Racial trolling
7/23/2012Hello! Earth420 :)
7/19/2012To make that vertigo go away! ~ Truly
2/26/2012Because you suck
1/22/2012Because you hate movies
1/11/2012I deleted my fb page yesterday for this very reason!
1/9/2012Bboyz lyrics!
1/8/2012"Why don't they lock down congress and the senate for stealing our country?"
1/3/2012You deserve it.
1/3/2012Good comeback in defense of RP. Thanks.
12/30/2011I guess it depends on which side you were on... 2nd P
11/26/2011Law- Fucking- Suit - Not I depise assholes that cry lawsuit for being stupid
11/26/2011For seeing through MSM's BS
11/22/2011I don't like Romney either Wing-ed
11/22/2011For making Iran cry in their pillow! lol -Hitokiri
11/18/2011Merely ignoring my main topic
11/12/2011You're a faggot
9/23/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
8/28/2011For the truth :-)
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