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12/29/2021I'm sorry to hear about your dad ~Boaty
12/29/2021Sorry about your dad <3
12/29/2021Watch for little signs from your dad in the next days and weeks. You will recognize them. Blessings to you. Avenger1
12/29/2021Much love and prayers!
12/29/2021Much love brother.
12/29/2021So sorry mr, he loved you...know that
12/29/2021You are in my thoughts and prayers - WhiteAngel
12/29/2021Sorry for the loss of Your Father --- Tabasco Biden
12/29/2021God bless you
12/29/2021Stay strong, limpan swe
12/29/2021Sending you love! stay strong brother - The_Brave
12/29/2021So sorry for your loss... Yahella777
12/29/2021My brother in Christ, my deepest sympathies for the loss of your Dad.
12/29/2021I'm so, so sorry Scrump for your loss. You're right, he's with Jesus now. God Bless him and you. GLP loves you. - G3
12/29/2021So sorry about your Dad, Scrump, but he is with Christ now, love, Furrry Pete
12/29/2021I am sorry for your loss ~Cigar
12/29/2021Sorry for your loss
12/29/2021Condolences on your loss, praying for you and your family in your time of grief.
12/27/2021Green Day from MrsTomatoHead
12/27/2021A doctor gave a man six months to live. The man couldn't pay his bill, so he gave him another six months. Keep Smiling! ..11:11..
12/27/2021Wishing you the best mate - Sol
12/27/2021Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/27/2021Prayer green for your father ~ Flash
12/27/2021In my thoughts and prayers friend, love ya
12/27/2021Most positive thoughts and prayers for your dad, you and your family, that he comes out of it safe and healthy again. Mezzo.
12/26/2021Praying for your dad.
12/26/2021Praying for your Dad ! From Tiger One
12/26/2021Prayers for your dad, God Bless and be strong ~ Cartel
12/26/2021Warmest of prayers for you in this holiday time. ~Snuffie
12/26/2021Blessings and prayers - grove street
12/26/2021Hugs and happies. pool
12/26/2021You, your father, and the family are in my prayers. - Louis in Richmond
12/26/2021Calling on the Sweetest Holy name of Jesus for Healing for your father. Love man. Love. [email protected]
12/26/2021Prayers 4 u, your father, family, sir. Cedar GREENs from my forest!....Zenobia ;-)
12/26/2021Only Me twirling through with green!!!!
12/26/2021I pray that your Dad sees this through. Os76.
12/25/2021Still praying for all of you! - Southern Deplorable
12/25/2021Thanks for commenting on my Deck The Halls thread! TrustNoOneKS
12/25/2021For you and your father. Thoughts and prayers. Your GLP family is here for you
12/25/2021God bless Scrump. Praying for you and your family. Merry Christmas buddy ~PirateMonkey
12/25/2021Prayers Bro. Always.
12/25/20214 Dimebag- Merry Christmas brother! Scrump U R the reason I come here, thank you!-
12/25/2021Wishing better health forv your father and speedy recovery and seasons greetings...CUB
12/25/2021Praying for you and your family.
12/25/2021Prayers for u scrump-saphic
12/25/2021Prayers for your dad and family! goneviral
12/25/2021Prays for ya dad mate AV3.0
12/25/2021I will keep your dad in my prayers...Toprance1
12/25/2021Prayers sent!
12/25/2021Prayers brother
12/25/2021Prayers for your Dad from Pepperroni
12/25/2021Prayers for you father from the old timer....with affection, God speed!
12/25/2021Prayers to you and your family, I hope your father recovers.- Holymeerkat
12/25/2021Prayers sent. Storm
12/25/2021My thoughts and prayers are with you and your father today. keybored
12/25/2021Prayers sent for your father, Scrump, and for everyone who loves him. ~Subway Prohpets
12/25/2021For you and the family. it will be what it needs to be
12/24/2021Keeping your father and your family in my prayers Scrump.
12/24/2021Prayers for your dad, brother.
12/24/2021Prayers to your Dad and entire family Srump.
12/24/2021Prayers for your dad scrump god bless you family. stay strong
12/24/2021Praying for your dad and you. For his sake I hope it’s not the mark.
12/24/2021Praying for you, your father and family. God bless you hon…. Wait….what?
12/24/2021For your Dad. -Moo!
12/24/2021Prayers for your Dad
12/24/2021Prayers of healing
12/24/2021Merry Christmas, prayers for your father
12/24/2021Prayers for your dad
12/24/2021Scrump, Ian SOOOO SORRY about your father. Prayers offered up. FN 5.7AP
12/24/2021My prayers to your father and family through this hard time. God bless, its hard to go through.
12/24/2021Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
12/24/2021For dads and moms everywhere. Truth B Known
12/24/2021Prayers for your dad bro. -P Mashed Potatoes
12/24/2021Prayers. beeches
12/24/2021Merry Xmas - Mad Kelly
12/24/2021Dad green EightyEight
12/24/2021Prayers for your dad.
12/24/2021Hang on sug. The Lord's got y'all. TB
12/24/2021Praying for your dad - Alpacalips
12/24/2021So sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he recovers. Merry Christmas, you're in my prayers -BFD
12/24/2021Praying for you dad
12/22/2021Dam Son😆
12/21/2021I dont come by enough, but love your humor, insights and posts
12/20/2021Holding onto a fantastic life. -Anubis
12/19/2021Ceiling cat, ha ha ha ha. Have a mery Christmas - Wake up men
12/19/2021BBQ Boy stopped by
12/19/2021Having GLP FAQ's is awesome, well done
12/19/2021Merry Christmas Dude
12/18/2021Merry Christmas and God bless - WhiteAngel
12/18/2021Best Wishes and blessings to you and the GLP Mod crew. ..11:11..
12/18/2021His signature quote is one of the best ive seen
12/18/2021Thread master. pool
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