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zacksavage's Karma

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11/11/2011Nicely said, Zack.
11/10/2011I still love ya! Thanks for supporting RP!
11/10/2011Fractal karma from Bowman
11/9/2011For putting a Z at the bottom of each post. Gay! Really Gay! Even when you bump a thread. Lol
11/8/2011I got a bad karma so I thought I would pass 1 along.
11/7/2011Loser comment
11/7/2011Ron Paul Tard drooling over Ron Paul.
11/7/2011For telling off Walkers LOL
11/5/2011Much love Zack :) NIN
11/4/2011Hiya Zack...great to see you today!....party on!...:)...tg1
10/23/2011You just got Karma'd by DomminicusMaximus
10/22/2011Peace out old friend John Goz
10/21/2011Good point
10/21/2011Wow... Bruce Lee had really small nipples!
10/19/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/19/2011Thanks for demeaning the military, something you'd never do pussy
10/18/2011Heres to the continued journey -- mistersplinter
10/17/2011Intellectuall criple of the highest degree - WalkersEverywhere
10/2/2011We Who Watch
10/2/2011Sunbrooooo, one day we will drink some beer
10/1/2011Ty for being nice
9/29/2011Thanks for the nice comment Irishspirit1
9/28/2011Thats funny Zack....LOL....
9/27/2011Told you so elenintard
9/27/2011Always kindhearted, and old timer like me! konacoffee
9/27/2011For kindness fubarman
9/26/20111 for Z
9/26/2011Always good to see your posts Zack...tg1
9/26/2011Thanks for the summary! ~Talamascaa
9/25/2011Nice,friendly, considerate
9/24/2011Sorry ducati60
9/24/2011From ss! Hope you are dooing great Z!
9/24/2011You are so hysterically moronic!! You bite on every little piece of nibiru doomtard bullshit that gets posted on here and act like you know something about astronomy!! [email protected]
9/22/2011Frolicking wood sprite karma engaged!...;)
9/11/2011Makes some sense to me.
9/10/2011The fact that you buy into any of this BS makes you every bit as idiotic as NIP ! Those of us that actually know a thing or 2 see you and your bretheren as being just as stupid!
9/9/2011Love havin you around Zack. We sure do miss you where your gone <3 NIN
9/9/2011Great "old school" glper!
9/9/2011For being an interesting and nice individual. :)
9/8/2011Nice karma to you too....Gaia...
9/3/2011Nitwit Fool That Attacks The Truth
8/28/2011Open Mind
8/26/2011Zack has good Karma
8/25/2011Cuz I said so!
8/25/2011Because I like your attitude:)
8/17/2011For your enthusiasm.
8/17/2011Zach is the man.... leave excellent replies to peoples threads
8/16/2011Master Lee changed history
8/15/2011To each their own
8/12/2011You're pretty useful
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