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zacksavage's Karma

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12/26/2013Good response. i'm trying to be positive. :D calx
12/24/2013Merry Christmas Handsome!!! All blessings to you and yours!! ~Vesper33~
12/24/2013Green hugs from shenue.
12/21/2013Merry Solstice to you, Zack! Peace.-hugh m eye
12/20/2013Nice post- Revelator Stargate
12/7/2013Hi Zack, nice to see you in the threads. Isis One
12/7/2013Thanks - ap girl ! :)
12/6/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
12/6/2013Friday Green! Big Hugs!! ~Vesper33~
12/6/2013Green for a cool person, from ~T~ xxx
12/5/2013Old schooler
11/29/2013Don't let the jerk keep you away.
11/29/2013Thanks for putting "little feather" in his place
11/29/2013Happy Thanksgiving - whiteangel
11/28/2013Thanksgiving green and big hugs from ~T~
11/24/2013Hey there, Zack!!! Happiest of holiday seasons to you. I hope you have a warm, great season full of family, friends, good meals, and good times.
11/24/2013Andrei :)
11/24/2013Have fun. SUROH4711
11/23/2013Karma and Greetings from ANHEDONIC
11/23/2013Compliant fuckstick. liberal government cocksucker
11/20/2013Another green hug for a brother from ~T~ xxx
11/12/2013Hi Z! Isis One
11/12/2013Hiya dear friend, add yourself to my friend list, so i can find you easier, from ~T~ xxx
11/10/2013Have some red on me.
11/9/2013Solar green optimum judgment}
11/7/2013Karma for ya ~ Arcturus
11/6/2013Take care. SUROH4711
10/29/2013X-Men/Women! lol -Serendipitous
10/27/2013Green Hugs Z. shenue
10/26/2013You're kicking ass in the "liberal" thread :)
10/15/2013Never knew you and the fake Dr were lovers
10/14/2013For Truth.
10/12/2013Thanks for the lol zack!! ibyte on 2
10/10/2013Right back at you (the good karma). SUROH
10/9/2013Just sending you some green ~ Arcturus
10/6/2013Simple27 : )
10/4/2013Hey Zack! Always great to see a GLP oldtimer around. Much respect. Happiest of Octobers to you!!! MO
10/2/2013Early morning green hugs!! ~Vesper33~
10/1/2013Great to see ya Zack. If I ever get back to NM
9/25/2013Solar green, isis One
8/22/2013Love the way you think. :) ~Vesper33~
8/12/2013Thank You. It shows you how dedicated they are. They are amazing and you are good heart. Bless You. Centurion
8/2/2013Paranoid, delusion, fucking idiot
7/29/2013Aloha from Kauai! - Rev StarGazer
7/28/2013Sunday Green!!! ~Vesper33~
7/28/2013Hey Zack!!! Hope you are having a fabulous summer!!! Your friend MO
7/15/2013I borrowed your badass quote from Kyi, cheers -Undestroyer
7/1/2013SS slammed ya with green!
6/30/2013You got it right - Chrit
6/29/2013Good Post Karma From Gonviral
6/29/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
6/16/2013Random beer recommendation - Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55 ! - ANHEDONIC
6/16/2013Becaue you are simply awesome and I like you very much.
6/16/2013LOL, OMG! Natasha, the thrusting pelvic mound!!! What an honor and a pleasure. I thank thee, Zack. - MO
6/16/2013Andrei <3
6/4/2013For your post's on the tsunami thread. ~Vesper33~
6/3/2013Not too bright
6/3/2013"Spew" - you're either a fag, a Jew, or a White wimp.
6/1/2013From Artaius
5/17/2013Hey Zack. Hope you are well, friend, best wishes! MO
5/16/2013Sending some good vibes your way! - MI
5/16/2013Solar green - whiteangel
5/7/2013Aloha! - Rev StarGazer
5/6/2013Septenary Man
5/5/2013Solar and FOG hug - whiteangel
5/3/2013Howdy, Zacksavage, it's always good to see you here!-hugh
5/3/2013Go eat a hickory smoked horse butthole
4/20/2013West texas
4/20/2013Good karma bro from twoFishOn
4/18/2013Greetings from ANHEDONIC
4/3/2013Thanks For The Support
3/27/2013MO was here, showing some respect to a fellow GLP oldie!
3/22/2013Green Karma for you....shenue
3/15/2013Hey friend... Excellent choice of spirits! - ANHEDONIC
3/8/2013Giant fucking idiot
2/26/2013Green karma hugs from shenue!
2/20/2013For your positive attitude! Carry on...
2/18/2013Yo mama dumbass, ISLAM DA TRUTH
2/18/2013Anti Shillitism!
2/13/2013Green karma hugs for you! shenue
2/13/2013Leftist shit-bag
2/8/2013What a nice thing to say ~ You've been missed TS
2/7/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/6/2013A bit-O-green for you today. shenue
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