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12/5/2021Merry Christmas bro -BFD
11/29/2021Bravo!(for the world they took from us speech)
11/27/2021Outstanding replies... shame that thread (you know which one) was deleted. Hope you saved that page.
11/23/2021Only choices. love 99
11/21/2021Swamprat green. Great points you made. We are basically lawless now.
11/21/2021So right you are!
11/19/2021Loved your comeback!!! InTheGLPHood
11/18/2021Ignore(ant) list
11/17/2021Hoping all is well my friend...keep yer powder dry....Don Draper
11/15/20211 good post
11/15/2021Spot on
11/15/2021Debug was here.
11/15/2021Damn well written
11/11/2021Prof. Tiger Blood
11/11/2021The struggle is real, but here is green for you for questioning and seeking truth.
11/10/2021I'm so ashamed of my inability to do anything effective
11/7/2021Swivel! love 99
11/7/2021Green for locust eradication. - TXP
11/7/2021Dark star - Trio
11/4/2021Causewanted vs cause we got. fight til we win or fight til we die. You have my sword and my axe- Psychopathicon
11/4/2021Devastatingly accurate
11/4/2021Preach it brother!
11/3/2021Muratic acid bath for evils
11/3/2021Well said...peaceful solutions are over....YourName
11/2/2021I felt real inspiration from that comment. Thank you.
11/2/2021Say it like it is!
11/2/2021Prof. Tiger Blood. Yup...Danger, Will Robinson, indeed.
11/1/2021Only two paths forward feels very apt -SteamrolledGobias
10/24/2021Green for saying real shit. I as well hope I can be made instead of broken with what's coming....JPT
10/21/2021Food tampons and mascara. love 99
10/19/2021Thanks for the post on my Ancient Egypt thread and I fully agree with what you said. -Blonde Goddess
10/19/2021Defeatism is worse than anything you complain about. Just sit down and shut up
10/19/2021Professional douche shill
10/17/2021From Prof. Tyger Blood -- an old friend. ;)
10/15/2021Good post
10/11/2021Great response on the ATC thread! j-lee
10/10/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/8/2021For sharing your knowledge on China & water wars
10/8/2021A+ Fucking YES
10/7/2021Thanks for deciphering the patent lingo - miri
10/7/2021For being awesome and sharing your expertise~Just Passing Through
10/7/2021Thx for analysis of patent of doom
10/7/2021Helpful analysis of patent document
10/5/2021Excellent post.
10/5/2021Virtue signaling doesn't look good on you
10/5/2021Common ground
10/4/2021Working consistently to dispel scientific illiteracy -- oniongrass
10/4/2021Dickhead soldier boy
10/1/2021Pompous prick!!! im so smart..look at me...wooo
10/1/2021Wrong. Earth is flat fool.
9/30/2021Globe earth shill.
9/29/2021Rogue green for your intelligent brain <3 Fossy
9/28/2021Your wrong
9/27/2021Lmao you're such a fucking loser bro. phoney tough much lame ass nerd? I chuckle at all of your wanna be lame ass posts. big man, tough words to make up for that tiny penis? probs
9/27/2021Great points!
9/26/2021Wow, amazing insight
9/23/2021Green for knowing your music. ~Snuffie
9/22/2021Damn right!
9/22/2021Keep your powder dry as well my friend....Don D.
9/21/2021Excellent post! With Love~ Triteia
9/21/2021Green for you thanks for the comment and suggested thread * the future hegemon
9/21/2021I know what you mean
9/18/2021Not 100% true - Advil
9/18/2021Retard doesn't know shit. Just replace highly skilled lol
9/17/2021I agree with you on the illegal invasion ~ Avenger1
9/17/2021You are truly one of the most intelligent posters here. God bless. DZ-015
9/15/2021Just read about this the other day. Makes me cringe but thanks for saying it
9/14/2021Set medical supplies aside -- oniongrass
9/14/2021From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
9/14/2021Green your way from the how the F#*K do we STOP THIS thread - LockedOutOfTheSystem
9/9/2021Damn straight. -Revbo
9/8/2021Psycho militia cult member
8/31/2021Cajun Karma for Comment on Abusive Government!! Southern Soldier...
8/31/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/31/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/31/2021Heliocentric ball earth shill
8/30/2021Don't listen to this dangerous fuck my tards. just a pussy behind a keyboard trying to instill hate and violence as a means to an end.
8/30/2021Great poster! xo Reanne
8/28/2021Truth from authority, authority through obedience. The2020play Individual self determination, universal altruism. Thefuture(presents)
8/26/2021Thank you - larphillips
8/25/2021Thanks, they seem to have different workarounds -sungaze
8/25/2021Well said - Quest'ing
8/25/2021Green for truth
8/25/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/24/2021What an asshole you are.
8/24/2021Great RareBreed post man!
8/23/2021Cheer ~BFD
8/23/2021Cheers from CK
8/23/2021Please don't.
8/21/2021Truth about why is hedging
8/21/2021Don't be a dick...be the better person. There are good people that got the "vaxx". Don't stoop to the asshole pro vaxx dicks levels
8/21/2021Keep spreading the word....be well....Don D.
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