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33's Avatar33 USA144 months, 9 days agoToday977
88's Avatar88 USA130 months, 22 days agoToday1,544
Adjudicator's AvatarAdjudicator Vatican City16 months, 18 days agoToday6,296
AdorableLittlepixie's AvatarAdorableLittlepixie Australia107 months, 20 days agoToday3,175
 ArchimedesGirl USA66 months, 21 days ago5 days ago1,513
Artificial Person's AvatarArtificial Person USA14 months, 9 days ago7 months, 15 days ago9,810
atxgal's Avataratxgal USA17 months, 14 days ago24 days ago87
Ballsy's AvatarBallsy USA69 months, 6 days agoToday823
Beavis's AvatarBeavis Nicaragua2 months, 23 days ago2 months, 13 days ago39
BrainGuy's AvatarBrainGuy Russia3 months, 7 days agoToday8,165
Bridget's AvatarBridget USA14 months, 29 days agoToday308
 Bunker Buster USA7 months, 24 days agoToday2
Butch DeFeo's AvatarButch DeFeo USA39 months, 28 days agoToday28,039
Cartel™'s AvatarCartel™ Canada62 months, 19 days ago14 months, 27 days ago23,770
christian's Avatarchristian USA160 months, 4 days agoToday47,568
Cleolotus's AvatarCleolotus New Zealand138 months, 15 days ago1 day ago2,362
 conservator USA158 months, 25 days agoToday914
CopyNinja87's AvatarCopyNinja87 USA82 months, 29 days agoToday4,985
Coy's AvatarCoy USA89 months, 29 days agoToday11,741
Crazy Mona Lisa's AvatarCrazy Mona Lisa United Kingdom14 months, 10 days ago5 months, 11 days ago1,133
CUB4DK's AvatarCUB4DK Canada52 months, 8 days agoToday21,000
curry nosher's Avatarcurry nosher United Kingdom112 months, 5 days ago1 day ago16,760
 DaltonC USA114 months, 20 days ago13 months, 15 days ago48
 dandaniels Spain21 months, 5 days ago4 months, 23 days ago16
Dr. Gringo-Cracker's AvatarDr. Gringo-Cracker Ecuador165 months, 20 days agoToday5,510
Drano's AvatarDrano USA16 months, 5 days agoToday135
Dusty_Patriot's AvatarDusty_Patriot USA41 months, 16 days ago1 months, 6 days ago2,001
EequalsMC2's AvatarEequalsMC2 USA79 months, 4 days agoToday429
exlibris's Avatarexlibris USA19 months, 5 days ago1 months, 13 days ago733
Fruit Tingle's AvatarFruit Tingle Australia45 months, 11 days ago15 days ago60
GhostDancer's AvatarGhostDancer USA148 months, 16 days agoToday266
Goneviral's AvatarGoneviral USA4 days agoToday197
Grumpyarse's AvatarGrumpyarse United Kingdom71 months, 9 days agoToday751
Gyro Geargoose's AvatarGyro Geargoose USA57 months, 6 days agoToday982
Half Past Midnight's AvatarHalf Past Midnight Russia134 months, 15 days agoToday17,322
Helios Maximus's AvatarHelios Maximus USA77 months, 21 days agoToday10,251
 Hepcat USA18 months, 19 days ago1 day ago0
 Hugh G Rection Other2 months, 14 days ago2 months, 14 days ago0
 I lick public toilet seats USA18 months, 16 days ago13 months, 18 days ago1,884
Insignificant Soot's AvatarInsignificant Soot USA90 months, 3 days agoToday769
J3's AvatarJ3 Switzerland161 months, 7 days agoToday10,573
 kat USA176 months, 13 days agoToday4,334
 Kirb United Kingdom46 months, 16 days ago3 months, 7 days ago0
 Kraftwerk Germany70 months, 29 days ago2 days ago13
Larphillips's AvatarLarphillips USA94 months, 22 days agoToday10,681
LearningEveryDay's AvatarLearningEveryDay USA75 months, 28 days ago1 months, 25 days ago1,023
 Lilcaramia USA18 months, 19 days agoToday9
LittleMe's AvatarLittleMe Starfleet39 months, 14 days agoToday40,824
Louis in Richmond's AvatarLouis in Richmond USA57 months, 8 days ago3 days ago30,100
Maguyver's AvatarMaguyver USA152 months, 15 days agoToday6,532
 Medexam USA110 months, 25 days ago13 months, 14 days ago125
MetaDeth's AvatarMetaDeth USA88 months, 12 days agoToday3,283
Moppie's AvatarMoppie USA106 months, 26 days agoToday5,369
omegaman007's Avataromegaman007 USA148 months, 7 days agoToday237
Osmium76's AvatarOsmium76 USA97 months, 29 days agoToday20,212
 PEEBALLS Canada131 months, 17 days agoToday2,301
Pilgrim001's AvatarPilgrim001 USA99 months, 9 days agoToday48,166
plateaus's Avatarplateaus USA73 months, 2 days ago17 days ago412
Queserasera's AvatarQueserasera USA44 months, 13 days ago16 days ago1,609
 Recollector Romania117 months, 12 days agoToday10,628
 Redmond-Dude USA18 months, 19 days ago9 months, 16 days ago40
Remedial_Rebel's AvatarRemedial_Rebel USA74 months, 27 days agoToday10,746
 reperrx USA49 months, 7 days agoToday0
 Rohera Switzerland18 months, 18 days ago3 months, 17 days ago7
Roobit's AvatarRoobit USA118 months, 23 days ago2 days ago12,453
Saskafrass's AvatarSaskafrass Canada21 months, 20 days ago10 days ago935
Seekinginformation's AvatarSeekinginformation USA114 months, 13 days agoToday8,282
Shamanik's AvatarShamanik United Kingdom129 months, 23 days agoToday2,044
Shaun Kaven's AvatarShaun Kaven Columbia27 months, 23 days agoToday1,643
sindywoow's Avatarsindywoow United Kingdom114 months, 17 days agoToday1,512
Sleepy Night Owl's AvatarSleepy Night Owl USA134 months, 29 days ago2 days ago1,480
SmoothSailing's AvatarSmoothSailing USA130 months, 21 days agoToday4,681
 spam Balls Thailand2 months, 20 days ago2 months, 20 days ago3
Stop The OP's AvatarStop The OP USA17 months, 17 days ago7 days ago538
STRONGMAN SHELFORD's AvatarSTRONGMAN SHELFORD Argentina23 months, 27 days agoToday7,997
 Svenne Sweden32 months, 28 days agoToday34
 TaoAmor Mexico33 months, 1 days agoToday95
tcs's Avatartcs Canada126 months, 24 days ago18 days ago2,901
 the scumster d Ireland73 months, 0 days ago3 months, 14 days ago307
thechaz's Avatarthechaz USA17 months, 24 days agoToday73
TheFool's AvatarTheFool Starfleet121 months, 15 days agoToday6,183
ThreeLittleLambs's AvatarThreeLittleLambs USA109 months, 22 days agoToday12,586
Trained Noticer's AvatarTrained Noticer USA96 months, 2 days agoToday18,652
uscrusader1's Avataruscrusader1 USA152 months, 0 days agoToday10,297
 VA 165 USA71 months, 15 days agoToday833
VampPatriot's AvatarVampPatriot USA14 months, 10 days agoToday6,832
Walter Brennan's Hat's AvatarWalter Brennan's Hat USA2 months, 19 days agoToday114
WatchingEddyMin's AvatarWatchingEddyMin Ireland49 months, 0 days ago3 months, 5 days ago1,684
WGON's AvatarWGON USA26 months, 27 days agoToday19,526
Widge's AvatarWidge USA46 months, 16 days agoToday1,680
 workingfool USA27 months, 13 days agoToday13
^TrInItY^'s Avatar^TrInItY^Moderator Not specified202 months, 15 days agoUnknown81,096
~Jazz~'s Avatar~Jazz~Moderator Starfleet99 months, 18 days agoUnknown92,879