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8/16/2022Green - Big Daddy D - posting on my COVID scam thread
8/16/2022No, I won't cooperate. - Exactly ~thinking...
8/6/2022Thanks for the explanation.
8/5/2022Great post! Alpacalips
7/25/2022Cheers from CK
6/19/2022Fuck the thug. Gawddang right!!! Truth B Known
6/17/2022Thanks for the link on Neanderthals! Interesting.
6/15/2022Builder/Tiger Blood
6/15/2022Ozzy is actually a Christian. -Anubis
6/7/2022'It wasn't that long of a read though.' nope...ditched the post, AC's ya'know cheerio st tidbiys
5/18/2022Scary Poppins! LOL Starbird was here.
4/9/2022System psychopaths yuval and KLousy
2/28/2022TRUST NOBODY - Trashcanmqan2
2/21/2022Red? Yes. Because you are You
2/21/2022I just deleted a red for you, as your post was worth it. Glad to give you the discount, hehe.
2/12/2022Well said and well written!
2/10/2022Great covid response to AIOIA
2/5/2022I left out the context on purpose. love 99
1/23/2022P Mashed Potatoes
1/9/2022Stupid is a stupid does
12/30/2021My nut sack looks better than you
12/29/2021Dont get in my way asshole
12/22/2021Reported Abusive Post
12/21/2021Et Sano
12/16/2021"They didn't abolish their council for social justice."
12/11/2021It just buries it where it festers. Tidbits
12/8/2021For calling he/she/it out!
11/12/2021For your intelligent posting...Toprance1
11/12/2021Your message sucks!
11/3/2021Look more like demons to me, than the followers of God -trashcanman2
10/12/2021Thanks for the tip!
10/9/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/6/2021Interesting idea
8/19/2021Exactly. The mark is not literal. Jazz
7/9/2021Spot on! Green 4 u. Dosha
6/29/2021Yes... that is all
9/22/2019Cool Story Bro

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