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Ozric's Karma

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3/28/2021Wise words! With Love~ Triteia
2/25/2019Idiot when it comes to the Holy Writ
1/31/2019Lib idiot
1/31/2019Your a nice and patient person. and bigfoot is real! -monsantoetag
1/31/2019For your post on Stick Indians MySoul
1/17/2019Argumentative and dim-witted - NXavier
1/16/2019And God's good greenage to you as well...Be Blessed..saved
12/22/2018For telling people to **** themselves
12/21/2018Addopt a spike! Yo Adrian
12/10/2018I really dislike people who bitch about karma so shut the fuck up.
12/9/2018Winning! i did not give red i don't give red brother
11/24/2018Fate manifests when free will is aligned with the synchronicity of the universe. 99
11/2/2018Very good explanation (Jesus is God) - Click Here
10/2/2018You said it.
9/19/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/7/2018Appreciate your posts on orgonite
9/3/2018Jesus bless you!
9/2/2018Walmart post was good
8/26/2018Dumb as a turd.
8/25/2018Masculinity comes in GREEN! lol! ~ Zovalex
8/25/2018Right lol ~ REEEEEEEE
8/24/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
8/21/2018Good post
8/20/2018Leviticus! thx hermit48
8/16/2018Autists are smarter than everyone else on the planet. ~nutty broad
8/14/2018She always deletes my posts Gabriel
8/14/2018Give it a rest, your obnoxious. So. Fucking. What. Move on to working your problem...geez.
8/14/2018You can look it all up,yourself it’s all true dipshit easy to verify
8/2/2018Thank you for an honest response
8/1/2018Dependable, rational, the real deal -Laughing Falcon
7/15/2018Welcome to the forum ~hillbilly
7/7/2018Thank u for this: DONE however is the good news that Jesus Christ has already done the work for you , do you believe that?
7/6/2018Vigilant. love Miss Cleo
7/6/2018For speaking truth to power, firmly yet kindly -Laughing Falcon
7/6/2018From 589

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