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Uncle Gintel's Karma

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8/4/2022For running your mouth again
8/3/2022Q. What's a three letter suppository? A. You can stick that agency you work for, right up your ass. AKA fuck off cunt.
8/3/2022Thought you died, so dissappointed.
8/1/2022You come out of the woodwork to spew more NWO bullshit. Keep your NWO pole smoking to yourself.
8/1/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/1/2022Eat a bag of dicks to you too, sir
7/18/2022Holy fuck u dumbass Smash Mouth looking asshat
7/17/2022You need some green! Namaste!
7/10/2022Keep sucking the liberal agenda cock, and you will be eating bugs. And you will deserve all of it! MUAHAHAHAHA
7/8/2022Signs in as an AC
7/3/2022Don't go away mad just go away
7/2/2022You really LIKE that big 12-inch Big Pharma dick all the way up your ass and down your throat, dontcha?
7/2/2022You are a gross person
7/2/2022Uncle fucker seems more likely
7/1/2022Still butthurt aren't ya? LMAO
6/30/2022Gobbling big gov cock
6/24/2022Suck some more government dick
6/23/2022You still a Branch Covidion? Or have you decided to drop that religion. We wont forget.
6/19/2022Here's some red for ya buddy, you're almost there!
6/16/2022Good UFO thread! need some green! digital mix guy
6/16/2022For vax propaganda
6/11/2022For consistently treating our mutual friend with respect and basic kindness that lesser men cannot muster. I notice. ~ sugar
6/10/2022Can't spell retard without red.
6/5/2022Christtards. Ok! I would rather be tarded for Christ than be a pawn of Satan. Enjoy hell buddy.
5/31/2022Still shilling?
5/29/2022Did your micropenis syndrome cause you to be so ghey?
5/27/2022Stupid fuck, are all democrats as retarded as you?
5/19/2022Still the most hated, dumbest, most butthurt, liberal of all GLP.
5/16/2022Good lord, the brainless drivel that come from this account is mind numbing and pointless. I seriously hope youre a bot, and not this fuckin dumb.
5/10/2022Who pays you to make such utterly ignorant statements?
5/10/2022Must be a paid shill. Nobody can be THIS fucking ignorant.
5/6/2022Enjoy your PRION DISEASE buddy
5/5/2022I'm just here to ruin your red karma streak.
5/3/2022Good UFO thread! need some green! digital mix guy
5/1/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/1/2022Celebrates the fecal matter sex.
5/1/2022Chew some more fucking ice ,with a open mic, fucker <3
4/30/2022Night gintel
4/30/2022Good to see you back....red
4/21/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/21/2022Lame troll
4/18/2022Keep fighting the good fight - SS
4/15/2022It's evil that you are still pushing the death shot. You do know you will suffer punishment for that. RIGHT?
4/14/2022NWO stooge!
4/13/2022Such red. Green for balance. ~ Gemini Rising
4/13/2022Good comments! need some green! digital mix guy
4/13/2022Pharma Shill - STOP tolling
4/13/2022You < Shit
4/13/2022U libs never want to suffer for ur terrible mistakes, always want everyone else to suffer too! its ur fault for falling for ur propaganda. deal with it!
4/13/2022Sucker of satan's dicker
4/13/2022Moar red for the vax shill moar moar moar
4/13/2022Your well is dry
4/13/2022Over 2 years into this covid bullshit...unvaxxed aren't dying dumbfuck
4/7/2022Absolute waste of human life
4/7/2022How do I trade karma with a mad scientist properly? I've found 77 ways to do so, but cockwashing wasn't part of the options. Please help.
4/2/2022El moran
4/2/2022Red for you
4/1/2022What an asshole statement, what about those who HAVE to have a pickup for work? So you say this to them? You get what you deserve
4/1/2022Do you look for news stories to gain you red? I think so. Enjoy it do you?
3/29/2022Ill find you
3/29/2022Loves to suck big government slong 24/7
3/29/2022All of your red is cause you're a piece of shit douchebag, and you deserve all of it, vax shilling nwo cuntface!
3/28/2022Charge to Maxed Red!
3/28/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/28/2022You get red because you're a douchebag. nothing to do with putin.
3/28/2022Biden, you shouldn't be hanging around on GLP, clean your diapers and go to bed!
3/28/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/27/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
3/26/2022Commie lover
3/25/2022NWO supporting little pussy pulling shit out of his ass
3/25/2022Kim Jong-Un loving piece of shit, commie freak...everyone knows you are a Dennis Rodman wannabe that wants to suck Kim's little cheese wheel....
3/25/2022Posted a thread that was pinned
3/25/2022Hey look, a week has passed, and I can give you some more red.
3/25/2022You asked for it.
3/25/2022Fuck you NWO shill! Go suck Soro's cock you transgender!
3/25/2022More red for the commie.
3/25/2022Here some more :)
3/25/2022Rule number one of GLP karma, don't ever talk about GLP karma.
3/25/2022So you just want more, don't you?
3/25/2022Standing for beliefs against oppisition
3/25/2022Friday Green ~ Gemini Rising
3/25/2022Harvest this...asshole
3/25/2022You brainwashed twit
3/24/2022Fake news
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