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Chad Macallister's Karma

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11/15/2017Happy Green from PiggyG :)
11/14/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/26/2017Now kneel down and suck my big black cock....CHAD!
10/23/2017Here. Back to even.
10/23/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/19/2017You're the one obsessed with anal lil bitch.
10/18/2017Chad faggit...Mallenial douche..
10/16/2017Green for your helarious version of the "CAT Caption" terrific! O'sCookie
10/16/2017I Said s t f u
10/10/2017Have some more green Chad - WoeFacedButtons
10/5/2017I don't know about you, kid....something ain't right.
10/3/2017ANTIFA CHAD...Go play hide and gofuck yourself....Biggest GLP loser...
9/29/2017TrenchMobb, there is a time and a place for everything..this is not that time...grumpier
9/29/2017Nice post ~~sseess
9/29/2017Green - grove street
9/28/2017You're antifa scum. No matter what you post on here to get attention.
9/28/2017For your awesome post!-Nameless the Deplorable
9/27/2017Whut up CHAD!! red like ur pussy!
9/23/2017China will get theirs, too.
9/20/2017Chimpout CHAD!!
9/14/2017Rofl... chad... lmao
9/12/2017Green. love Miss Cleo
9/12/2017S t f u
9/11/2017GLP's biggest MORAN!!
9/11/2017Fuck off, Chad. You are a menace ~ Debauchery
9/7/2017Smash Cultural Marxism! -FBHO
9/6/2017The google gay post, brilliant - The Comedian
9/4/2017Oregon fags always love a good Chad!! kiss kiss loverboy!
9/3/2017This is RED....-Relativity
9/1/2017Asked me for a dick pic
8/31/2017From Tess.
8/31/2017Lol, I like your verbosity and your name, furry pete
8/27/2017Not cool
8/24/2017Green from Sassy Trumpette
8/13/2017"should recruit The Comedian to be a 9th circuit judge replacement" Hahahaha! I may be laughing, but, oh...how true! :-) morgan
8/6/2017For going deep into demon territory to keep us informed.
8/6/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
8/3/2017Makes sense.
7/27/2017Great post to the beta cuck with the "raped" wife
7/27/2017Youre either a troll or some fat fuck behind a screen
7/22/2017For the mindless rant.
7/8/2017Right on. Thanks for the link -undestroyer
6/28/2017Pussy Chad should be your name
6/24/2017I find your post very inspiring and positive of Russia.
6/24/2017Allow me to pop that cherry.... Great profile (lol) - Mike Ehrmantraut

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