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12/26/2018Zionist usefull idiot. Jean-francois
12/26/2018Great comments on the Syria attack thread! Gyro Geargoose
12/25/2018Merry Christmas to one of my favorite GLPers! -WTF
12/24/2018Merry christmas miss Cleo, furrry pete
12/24/2018Et sf
12/24/2018No Dhimmi Greenery
12/24/2018Merry Christmas!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ WyatteSmith
12/23/2018Have a Merry Christmas and a green new year. ~grass
12/23/2018Also Linda Sarsour is very dangerous~Thx . Michael
12/23/2018Wishing you and your loved one's an awesome Christmas mate - curry nosher :-)
12/23/2018Merry Xmas to yourself & Family. ~ clock.
12/22/2018Merry Christmas to you and yours! Coolone
12/22/2018Peace , Love and Joy, Love GFG
12/21/2018You're not as cool as you think you are
12/21/2018Donkey butt equals ass ass equals miss cleo
12/20/2018"ISIS is an Islamic fundamental principle, not a football team or unit of men" True. (Mimm)
12/20/2018Merry Christmas Miss Cleo! Love Evangelina
12/20/2018Love ya girl Bush Master
12/19/2018Shhhhhhh hahahahhaah 1-2-follow
12/18/2018Merry Christmas! ~ Where Eagles Dare
12/18/2018Lose your guns, speech, life, it's really that obvious.
12/18/2018Exactly right good post .
12/18/2018Merry Christmas, friend - Jacek Coltutt
12/18/2018Merry Christmas - ElleMira
12/18/2018Swim or build boat
12/17/2018Hello love! chasity
12/16/2018Have some green
12/16/2018Thx for your contributions. Adytum
12/15/2018Board? Stupid post to inspire darma. You are screwed up.
12/15/2018Love and kindness to you MissCleo sacred energy :)
12/15/2018You go girl!!!
12/15/2018For fighting the good fight!...saved
12/15/2018Great sarcasm. pool
12/15/2018Hi Cleo, strong posting as always - curry nosher :-)
12/12/2018U r nasty
12/11/2018Spoken like a true GLP'er - Louis in Richmond
12/11/2018Thank you dear! Torchie
12/10/2018LOL your right nobody should admit to living in Gtown
12/8/2018Hugs to sister Cleo ; ) Evangelina
12/8/2018Thanks for introducing me to Masolow's Hierarchy. BFD
12/8/2018LMAO yes! Someone finally laughed at atoms of mine. :). Thank you. A1Janitor
12/7/2018Big daddy's home;)ethancarter
12/6/2018You are an idiot woman who deserves another idiot woman
12/6/2018Green karma your way MissCleo because you deserve it. (from garden)
12/6/2018Mkjeep green for u!
12/6/2018Godsgreen thanks you.
12/5/2018So sorry about your husband-Angelique89
12/3/2018Informative posts -Pole Cat
12/3/2018Have a great day! White Wolf :)
12/3/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/3/2018Wishing you a great week!
12/2/2018Cunty snatch ho
12/2/2018Luv ya! It's fine when we disagree! T. Noticer
12/2/2018Eugenics? You never read common sense like this these days, thanks for posting! Sincerely, the darkshadow
12/1/2018Because I always like your threads! Juan N. Amillion ;o)
12/1/2018Reported Abusive Post
12/1/2018Friend Karma, Greetings ~ A R K
11/30/2018Good post
11/30/2018Does sex feel the same with my dick in your ear?
11/30/2018Great informative thread-Hazydays
11/30/2018You have serious issues
11/30/2018Manhater, knew it
11/29/2018Enjoy your day sacred energy :)
11/29/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/29/2018Im pinning your thread dean007
11/28/2018Drama queen
11/27/2018You are unbaned. Luisport!
11/25/2018Green back to you! Rayelle
11/24/2018You're gross.
11/24/2018Hope your'e doing well, Miss Cleo - Love Goddess
11/24/2018Always have good info
11/24/2018Thanks for all your imput, it's appreciated! chasity
11/23/2018You're awesome, and over the years I've really grown to appreciate your opinion.. thanks for posting.
11/23/2018Thank you Miss Cleo. I hope you enjoyed it!
11/23/2018Because someone gave you red for your opinion. Hugs -MnB15
11/23/2018MbS is no friend of Soros
11/23/2018Great information sharing, thank you. :)
11/23/2018Hi ms cleo! Thoth
11/23/2018You don't qualify as "dumber than a bag of rocks under a sach of hammers". Can't make a cogent argument because you're liberal progressive dogma pollutes your mind.
11/22/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/22/2018Happy Thanksgiving, dear one!
11/22/2018Great Thread !!
11/22/2018Happy Thanksgiving - ElleMira
11/21/2018Torchie says enjoy the day !!!
11/21/2018Happy Thanksgiving Miss Cleo! Love all of your input!...saved
11/21/2018Have a normand rockwell ptsd christmas
11/21/2018Thanks. Please post on the thread how the call goes for you, and anything else you think we can do.
11/21/2018Inside out... Brief :)
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