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Tetsukumaru's Karma

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6/6/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/2/2017Friday green show :)_``````` Boots
6/1/2017InfiniteDream loves ya!
5/31/2017Good thread. Toprance
5/31/2017Auto-Red for Mandala crap
5/31/2017If it changed before your eyes, I'd get your eyes checked out. You're just adding to the nonsense.
5/31/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
5/31/2017You rock
5/30/2017Karma roLL .C.C
5/26/2017Zero returns from many = nothing
5/26/2017Have a great weekend! --Baltimoran
5/26/2017Jukebox Pooch
5/24/2017Reported Abusive Post
5/24/2017Reported Abusive Post
5/21/2017From 0
5/20/2017Green, nice boots
5/20/2017Music greeen you character you. :) Sloane
5/19/2017Infinite green! InfiniteDream!
5/19/2017Go back to Call of Duty. :)
5/15/2017Jukebox family green, CB
5/13/2017Fun for JB juke Soup
5/12/2017Chin up.. don't take the suck from the jokebox
5/12/2017M i r a c l e
5/10/2017Bad vibes.
5/10/2017InfiniteDream loves ya!
5/8/2017Karma roLL .C.C
5/5/2017From New Heart
4/26/2017I really laughed at your post on Jukebox - and the plot thickens - funny. Best your way, MacLachlan
4/26/2017Jukebox Green :)_``````` Boots
4/26/2017Cats in bags -- ScoutsOUT
4/25/2017Thank you buddy -= Travis Bickle =-
4/25/2017Karma roLL .C.C
4/22/2017Saturday Music Greens : Mattie!
4/19/2017Green for a good friend
4/17/2017Green and hugs ^_^ Sweetroll Bandit
4/14/2017Good Fryday Green :)_``````` Boots
4/14/2017Centrist77....for keeping up
4/10/2017Karma roLL .C.C
4/8/2017Nickelodeon theme green from InfiniteDream
4/8/2017Jukebox Green and hugs :) - SB
4/7/2017Happy Friday...soup
4/6/2017Many thanks for all you share, cutbait
3/31/2017Love it love GFG
3/30/2017Karma roLL .C.C
3/29/2017Green for a friend, Cutbait
3/26/2017Ohhhhh ENEMY. Haha loser
3/26/2017Great tunes! Have a beautiful Sunday Zan. Stay Safe. InterMezzo : )
3/26/2017JB :) ksk45
3/26/2017Rocking the jukebox Green :_``````` Boots
3/25/2017Hi jb green...soup
3/23/2017From Beer Rest Easy Bro
3/23/2017Cause hes nice
3/22/2017Jukebox Green for you! :) - SB
3/22/2017Cheers to the music!!! InTune
3/20/2017Mandela tard
3/17/2017Hey ~ Lady Truth
3/16/2017Karma roLL .C.C
3/16/2017InfiniteDream damnit
3/16/2017Out of Sight Hugs ; )
3/15/2017Happy Jukebox...Soup
3/15/2017JukeBox Green EM :)_```````
3/6/2017Monday Hugs from Holland. Thank you for the sweet comment. InterMezzo : )
3/5/2017Jukebox karma! Love Ellusion :)
3/3/2017Sending big hug your way, cutbait
3/2/2017Karma roLL .C.C Welcome to the Jukebox
3/1/2017Music green :) MacLachlan
2/14/2017A Curious Mind
2/4/2017Thank you~ Lady Truth
1/21/2017Lil sayings thread made me happy. Tx : ) - F.N.
1/16/2017Thank you! - Chaos Replicator.
1/15/2017Have a great Sunday!
12/25/2016Then my kids told her; we know the truth! A tear came to my eye. Winning XD: Santa is for FUN....you shit heads take things way too serious
12/25/2016One is only in trouble if one is afraid
12/13/2016Great music video. Be blessed. pool
11/29/2016Tennessee says "Fuck You"
11/4/2016Thank you.
10/12/2016Jerking me around with that Linken Park crap

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