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Mary, Queen of Scots's Karma

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7/19/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/19/2016Eat some red bitch
7/19/2016You are one fucking liar!
7/19/2016No shitting here, it draws flies, especially HORSESHIT!
7/19/2016Nose firmly buried in Hillary's filthy snatch
7/19/2016Your a fucking FAG.
7/18/2016An honest GLPer ... Schwinbo
7/18/2016Liberal shillshitbag
7/18/2016Shame on you.
7/18/2016Nasty liberal trash
7/17/2016Eat another 50lb. sack of dicks, you know you love them
7/17/2016Still a loser
7/16/2016Re: Former CIA Agent "The Clinton Foundation Is A Global Fraud --- please return the favor - QuantumLove
7/15/2016You STILL here? LOL
7/14/2016Because you whore for Hillary, the most corrupt politician to ever run for office. Go fuck yourself asswipe.
7/12/2016Pull the vibrator from your ass and you'll turn back into a human being.
7/12/2016Weekly Trump bump :)
7/12/2016Give it up, Hillary shill. You are in the wrong forum.
7/12/2016Your weekly dose.
7/11/2016It's that time. Red for commie.
7/9/2016You're still a cucked faggot ... red all fucking day long for your worthless self - Trump 2016
7/9/2016You are not funny..you are not even close
7/6/2016Douche bucket
7/6/2016Have some more red you fuckhead!
7/6/2016Eat shit
7/6/2016It's that time again. Enjoy!
7/4/2016Go back to Rome statist
7/4/2016More red for a commie
7/2/2016Thanx for the chemtrail update! Peace 'n' blessings.-Helios Maximus
6/30/2016Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
6/29/2016Go fuck yourself with an AIDS dick faggot....Trump 2016
6/29/2016Hillary shill
6/29/2016This sick fuck rims his mother after he dumps her old frail body out of her wheelchair. She's one demented fucker right here. Deviant all the way.
6/29/2016Trump bump!
6/29/2016IQ of Mr. T's taint sweat.
6/29/2016100% chance you're a moran
6/29/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
6/28/2016To red hell with you
6/28/2016I just noticed everyone is doing it so i needed to be included - LSDMTHC
6/27/2016Wild Horse Thread --->Wild Horse Lover and Advocate ~Lumminessa~
6/27/2016Still a statist pigs vomitorium
6/27/2016From Ralph--a house dog
6/26/2016More red for you.
6/26/2016Trump Voters Heading To Polls After Convention...Derp....​ Know your facts before you post
6/26/2016I think you're just trolling. Nobody is that stupid.
6/26/2016Vote for Hillary - said no one.
6/26/2016You earned it !
6/26/2016Hill shill
6/26/2016TRUMP 2016 - - for Luna! We ride
6/26/2016You need more red faggot asshole
6/25/2016Washington times shill, blow me.
6/25/2016And another!
6/25/2016More for your collection of red.
6/25/2016Time for you to go away
6/25/2016Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/25/2016Do some research before taking a blind stab
6/25/2016Trump bump :)
6/25/2016Libtarded Piece of Shit!!!
6/25/2016It's that time again. Enjoy.
6/25/2016Here's another ya fucktard you
6/25/2016Where's Trump's Tax Returns???? Fuck Off Turd.
6/25/2016A bit more red for you this week
6/25/2016Commie phaggot, back to your basenent.
6/25/2016Up yours, sideways!
6/25/2016You're a Fag.
6/25/2016Jesus > lucifer
6/24/2016Too stupid to be classified as moran
6/24/2016You're sick in the head.
6/24/2016Posting Justin Bieber Crap
6/24/2016Here is some more red .. shill
6/24/2016Bad troll, BAD!
6/24/2016And here's another red for being a moron
6/24/2016Fuck off shill
6/23/2016Don't be such a filthy nagger
6/23/2016Looks like you like red, here is moar.
6/23/2016Ultimate shill
6/23/2016Hey fuckhead, stop being a fuckhead.
6/23/2016Hurrrr Durrrr
6/19/2016Smash the state.
6/18/2016Because you are a Soldier for Christ & His Church. White Gloves
6/18/2016Trump Red for a loser
6/17/2016Karma roLL .C.C
6/17/2016Music green! :) Sloane
6/15/2016From quantumlove
6/11/2016Take your ugly freeloading ass back to Mexico
6/11/2016You're a Fag.
6/10/2016WND has a lot better reporting than your stupid ass. Get with it, dickhead.
6/10/2016It's that time again. Enjoy.
6/10/2016Stop posting
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