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Paranoid Chick's Karma

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1/23/2019And some of you wonder why people talk bad about the Q thread. Condescending little club for just you cool kids.
1/22/2019Green for the Team wQw
1/22/2019Green for Thee~!
1/18/2019Much appreciation for you! ~~~Raye
1/18/2019Spreadin' the Green!
1/17/2019Right!?? Everything is back firing on them!!!...saved
1/17/2019Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia again! I completely agree. - Factual Error
1/16/2019Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again
1/16/2019Thanks for easy link to congress excellent....finley
1/14/2019Love your posts Des
1/14/2019Good comment in the SNAP thread - Callin
1/13/2019Green for thee~!
1/11/2019WOW, a real thinker...
1/9/2019And ~mypillow loves you too. ;o)
1/8/2019Hi ya PC,,,,,,,,,,DMJ
1/7/2019You never stop amazing me ;)
1/6/2019I take it you play Chess very well...PHX57
1/1/2019Thanks I gave up on that thread tho..they weren't listening..:) abi~
12/31/2018Love ya, girl! ~~~Raye
12/30/2018Just some green
12/30/2018Good souls are few and far between! Hoping 2019 goes our way! Happy New Year! bigD
12/30/2018Hang in there Cheeky Chick! We love and support you.
12/29/2018Happy New Q Year PC! aliasx
12/26/2018Christmas green for you PC! pepperroni
12/24/2018Merry Christmas!! Green for Thee~!
12/24/2018Merry christmas deplorably_charlotte
12/24/2018Merry Christmas! Lance
12/20/2018From keybored
12/19/2018Green from WGON
12/16/2018Drive By Greening-Wedge5th
12/15/2018Taught me something new today...beard. I was like WTF? btw, I get the gay vibe from him also. ;)- WishIwas
12/15/2018Go get'um pc,,,,,,,,,DMJ
12/15/2018Scold away...lol Lance
12/13/2018MEGA! / EESwe
12/13/2018From keybored
12/10/2018Your awesome
12/8/2018SA comments are right on - China ~ Flashbuzzkill
12/1/2018Love you! PHX57
11/30/2018A Mind Blown, Is A Mind Shown Green For Thee Des
11/30/2018Great work-I loved it. Etta
11/30/2018Brilliant post.
11/29/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
11/29/2018Awesome Work!
11/29/2018Green back atcha! Wish I got up into your neck of the woods...I would definitely want to get together for coffee.Or - COVFEFE!!
11/29/2018Your amazing
11/29/2018Amazing digging PC! aliasx
11/29/2018Thanks for the digs!
11/29/2018I love Q....wQw
11/29/2018Great digging! - Jonquil
11/29/2018Will you marry me???? :)
11/29/2018Awesome research in this post.
11/29/2018I love your beautiful mind. thank you for persisting.
11/29/2018You're amazing
11/29/2018From keybored
11/29/2018For your latest research. Thank you!!! ~ PiccoloGal
11/29/2018PC the whole karma system isn't really my thing but I had to give you green for the last and all of your posts! I appreciate it and spread it to my circle as well. Thank you!!!! -Luminous Epinoia
11/28/2018Awesome sauce
11/28/2018You are a phenom! - WishIwas
11/28/2018I'm so grateful for your digs! XOs -alwaysme
11/25/2018Green for Thee~!
11/22/2018For rocking the Foundations! ;)
11/21/2018Thanks SO much for all your hard work on the digs. You rock! ~ PiccoloGal
11/21/2018Lmao awesome! McCrotch
11/21/2018You rock!
11/21/2018From keybored
11/20/2018Loved your comment about SAHMs and homeschooling parents! <3 <3
11/20/2018Self-righteous judge of others
11/20/2018It's all about priorities & parenting. You just have to have the will to find a way! Paranoiaaaaa
11/20/2018Props for your hard work TY. night ranger
11/19/2018Yes, yes, yes, you nailed it!!!!
11/17/2018Nice explaination
11/16/2018Green for Thee~!
11/16/2018You rock girl...Lance
11/15/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
11/13/2018THANK YOU for all of your research. Bless You! ~ PiccoloGal
11/13/2018Kind green!- WishIwas
11/13/2018For your tireless, brilliant mind - pepperroni
11/13/2018Always appreciate your contributions. ~ Renaissance Woman
11/12/2018For doing the work you didn't need to thank you very much
11/12/2018You are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for all that you share.
11/12/2018You should write a book! :-
11/12/2018Powerful post, seagull lake
11/12/2018Thank you - love yoour posts!
11/12/2018From keybored
11/12/2018Amazing dig Jean.x
11/12/2018GREAT DIG today PC! Wow, Isis One
11/11/2018Well deserved green for you! aliasx
11/11/2018For the FINE post today in the Qanon Thread. KAN DAek
11/9/2018Green for Thee~!
11/7/2018Just red what you said to OS.. Much needed. scotdtfree :)
11/7/2018Thank you! Well said! Sympol Mynz.
11/7/2018Nice note :)
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