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Bodhi Sita's Karma

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5/2/2020Thanks for sticking up for me. These are confusing times. With Love~ Triteia
5/1/2020Green for you-zzcat
5/1/2020What a beautiful post. It was a gift to me. Thank you, linda
5/1/2020Organ harvesting thread. Thank you. ~Lily
5/1/2020What an embarassing display of stupidity.
5/1/2020I like your Dear Diary thread series! Very lovely!
5/1/2020Return green! 1-2-Follow
5/1/2020Thankyou for those links in the 'Threats' thread- very interesting! Soulwax
4/30/2020Thank you for posting on my flyover thread, my friend! ....nutmeg...
4/30/2020You don't know anything about it.
4/29/2020Yay for civil discourse-Lithiumk
4/29/2020For the 4 agreements - lightchild_uk
4/28/2020Viridescent Salutations -- Wolf 1776
4/27/2020Have a good time :-) - S -
4/27/2020Was maxed out yesterday ~deafcat
4/26/2020You embody grace and beauty..
4/25/2020Reported Abusive Post
4/25/2020Tulum. love Miss Cleo
4/25/2020Adytum. peace Sorry for the crack about your IQ.
4/24/2020Great minds think alike ~ Starbird
4/24/2020Rises above every situation. pool
4/24/2020Covid19 information
4/24/2020Excellent post in the Trump's light and disinfectant thread- ScarlettRedfern
4/23/2020Don't call me pretty
4/23/2020You told him well about the medicine thing.Shills everywhere.
4/22/2020Keep your thread going....collective consciousness needs to hit critical mass to get over the hump now. :-) ...Zenobia
4/22/2020Bless you too Bodhi - Triple_Triquetra
4/22/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
4/22/2020Plus 1 - Vegz
4/22/2020Green for the children of Mt. Carmel. -Michibama
4/21/2020You have a beautiful brain I hope you get the chance to help the world with it.
4/21/2020Re: Share The Best Positive Life Lesson or Words to Live By. POSITIVE DOOM BREAK- DEPLORABLE QUANTUMLOVE
4/21/2020Green For You ~ A R K
4/20/2020Beautiful response to- Is this the end thread
4/20/2020Love Ellusion :)
4/20/2020Dare to smile gratefully for this day ~ zenergy
4/19/2020Peace Bodhi Sota
4/19/2020Thank you so much for the creative idea of lifting the planet! With Love~ Triteia
4/19/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
4/19/2020Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/18/2020Blessings and warm smiles! ~CosmicFire
4/18/2020Cool! Thanks for the listen Doon Kuney!
4/18/202011 green ~ Flashbuzzkill
4/18/2020Video is a steaming pile of new-age crap.
4/18/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
4/18/2020Spring Green -- Wolf 1776
4/17/2020Reaching....yep...Lan​ce from BC
4/16/2020Hopi video - Half Past Midnight
4/16/2020Sendng you strength. pool
4/16/2020Green - grove street
4/15/2020Love your comments! - LylaB
4/15/2020Good job interpreting Pres. Trump's words...Toprance
4/13/2020No Probblem! Lol
4/11/2020Stay safe! White Wolf:)
4/11/2020You are kind too ——- Dame
4/10/2020Love your posts - good stuff! Triple_Triquetra
4/10/2020THank You- First Born Son!
4/9/2020Good thread -zzcat
4/9/2020More Green for you! Have a fun week. -- Wolf 1776
4/8/2020Blessings and a great post! ~CosmicFire
4/7/2020Osha root - Herb thread OP
4/7/2020Agreed on our children’s future! With Love ~ Triteia
4/7/2020Actual value! Good thinking!~Fluffy Pancakes
4/6/2020Eye of the tiger whispers of calm. pool
4/2/2020Thank you for the knowledge sharing!
4/2/2020Great post about food and medicine! Blue_Triquetra
4/2/2020For the boat cartoon - lightchild_uk
4/2/2020GRATEFUL GREEN ! ...(Moses)...
4/1/2020I was spinning out for a minute - thanks so much for your reply in thread, it really helped me recenter. xo Sloane
3/31/2020No soup for you! abi ~
3/31/2020Beautiful NZ poem
3/31/2020Be safe and healthy -- Wolf 1776
3/27/2020Go get em
3/27/2020Thank you - - - Dame
3/24/2020Agent_Kilroy was here ___..._('{}')_...___
3/23/2020Good posting!
3/21/2020Maintain Situational Survivalism -- Wolf 1776
3/19/2020Thank you!
3/19/2020Green for Kratom ... hope it helps You ... beenthruthat ...
3/19/2020For your wonderful advice to the breathless, unnerved OP :) morgan
3/18/2020Yes please
3/18/2020I see that too
3/17/2020I alone love you
3/16/2020Green for the "letting them know people care" comment. You
3/16/2020Good contribs to TCM thread - everLearner
3/16/2020Thank you! mormon tea
3/15/2020Back @ u- sincerely from plato
3/14/2020Thanks for the great posts!
3/14/2020Great post about fear and courage. Rightfoot
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