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10/2/2019Asswipe supports baby killin'
9/6/2019Nice post, mental thread----Terrebonne
8/8/2019Thanks for your post in the ICE raid thread. - Factual Error
8/5/2019Shall not be infringed asshole
7/30/2019Don't know how you got so much red, but here's some green. Adytum
7/3/2019Who the hell is in God's army? Truly, may a made-up God have mercy on any of those who believe in this bullshit.
6/22/2019Probably one of the saddest cases here on glp. Lost soul in darkness.
6/16/2019Druggee marijuana user
6/2/2019Have some green, you need it.
5/27/2019I'd call you a baby killer but you'd take it as a compliment.
4/28/2019"Sounds as though the above was written by a 40-year old who is envious of Trump's intelligence and experience (and money and power)."
4/9/2019Works for the fallen angels
4/4/2019Good answer! chasity
3/29/2019Re: Physics Is Pointing Inexorably to Mind
3/26/2019The brain is the radio receiver of the mind. None of what you are exists inside your brain.
2/14/2019No Hillary thankfully!! Esoterica
2/3/2019Did it hurt? When you broke in half and fell in the water you piece of shit.
1/28/2019Eat shit, choke, die and get resuscitated with even more brian damage.
1/16/2019Meaning of life thread
1/11/2019You sure have a lot of red karma.
1/3/2019Not everyone is as rich as you, foolish one.
12/19/2018You are fictional
12/18/201813/18/18 -9:57 Yesterday ~ TODAY ~ Tomorrow
12/3/2018Not dumb
10/17/2018Karma fag. lol
9/14/2018This one swallows a mean load! Down to the last drop!!!!
9/14/2018Another Commie cunt...
9/13/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/13/2018Quit being a dick and maybe people will quit leaving red. Pussy bitch.
9/13/2018Sue me
9/13/2018Enjoy the red man you earned it.
9/13/2018Have some more
9/12/2018NoMoreMsNiceGirl :)
9/12/2018Made good comment on misuse of red karma
9/12/2018Begging for it, like a dog
9/12/2018Green for u. ~Maiya
9/12/201809/11/2018 09:42 pm
9/12/2018Faggot lover
9/12/2018Eat shit sodomite
9/12/2018Good karma
9/12/2018For the idea of ending red karma. Although some people who wont be named dont understand the concept of reasoned counter argument and will stoop to name calling anyone who doesnt agree with them.
9/12/2018Have some green since you're trying to set the record for most red
9/11/2018Stop pretending to be a man and embrace the woman that you are, mmk
9/11/2018I'm color blind so I hope I hit the right color. REEEEEEEEEEEEE
9/11/2018Fuck off
9/11/2018I thought you liked it. You have so much already!
9/11/20181st red of the day goes to you for pitching on this shit forum abt rep. Go back to your cardboard box you trash bag ass hoe!
9/11/2018Boo fucking hoo, ya wanker
9/11/2018Guess who, dipshit
9/11/2018Admit it...You love the red!
9/11/2018I am eating really good pizza!
9/11/2018Bitching about red karma gets you more!
9/11/2018Love your posts
9/11/2018For whinging about karma.
9/11/2018Just because
9/11/2018Bag of dick eater
9/11/2018I'd call you a baby killer but you'd take it as a compliment.
9/9/2018Because your stupid
8/5/2018For sharing in love. ~Voodoo South
7/29/2018Evolution is made up
7/28/2018Very few know what they read, know what they are saying
7/24/2018For disagreeing, green for you ~ Flashbuzzkill
7/24/2018Not bad karma
7/24/20181st rule of karma - Don't talk about karma!
7/24/2018Red attracts red, Fred !
7/24/2018Whine about Karma and win a red prize.
7/24/2018Chicken shit red for complaining about karma
7/24/2018Stfu about karma faggot.
7/24/2018Red for bitchin' about red. ~ Deliciously Anonymous Still
7/23/2018You need red
7/18/2018You need green
7/9/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/9/2018Leave Cartel alone
6/29/2018Go and suck yo mama's dick punk
6/12/2018Jesus loves you! (And I do too!) Peace!
5/22/2018Thanks for the comment - bread crumb
5/17/2018Seems you're not very liked. Have a freebie. (R-B)
5/16/2018Duck face
5/8/2018Thanks for posting, Artificial Sweeteners----Terrebo​nne
4/26/2018Your life is made up
4/25/2018Green :cheers:
3/19/2018Do some research...
3/12/2018Fucking felching freak brags about having the biggest straw in the west.
2/26/2018Inhales my pussy old pussy farts
2/19/2018Likes to put salt on his tongue and lick wet farts at the special needs home.
1/23/2018Pol Pot fucks u in da ass and gives u a dirty Sanchez with his oatmealy thumb.
12/21/2017Good thread
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