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12/11/2019Awesome!!!! Hilarious! True, whites are generally not part of black hebrew movement
8/30/2019Welcome, thanks for participating on thread toomey- added to buddy -Coastie
8/29/2019This is for the excellent comment. Yeah, they're back stabbers.
8/19/2019She wasn’t hit you dumbass
6/7/2019LOL, the leftist shills are mad at you!
5/14/2019Action park green. cheers, jj johns
4/11/2019Spend their parent's money. Bingo--Billy Ringo
4/7/2019With a little practice you can get used to shitting right in a persons face and thats what they are doing
1/15/2019Thanks for the def. of FEHB ....Lilopin
1/6/2019Great poster! - NXavier
1/3/2019Kryptonite — Dame
11/25/2018LA CUCARACHA / Dancing Cochroach GREEN [**]D CHEERS from DeploraVision
11/1/2018Thank you for commenting in my thread, excellent point!
8/23/2018Ar15-nut was here
4/16/2018Re: "White America thread." Good critical thinking there!

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