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11/21/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/11/2015Nuttier than Mr. Peanut's peanutty peanut poop.
9/12/2015Love is the eternal fountain of ancestral memories of purity empathy and infintie compassion flowing as water through streams of mortality and infinity
9/11/2015Don't test me. -Astro
9/4/2015Cherry karma pie :)
9/4/2015From Kathryn
9/4/2015Of course! thanks for showing me kismac ;D
9/4/2015Green. :)
8/9/2015Just found out how karma works lol
8/7/2015Sol faced serpent
8/6/2015No homo
8/1/2015For Edward-and-Bella quality drivel.
7/30/2015Haven't seen you in a while, buddy. Hope you are well. :) - Kai
7/29/2015Thx for the meat story - darkside cookies
7/29/2015Excellent "story"
7/29/2015Made out of meat. Thanks. Wash
7/28/2015Thank you for the comment!
7/23/2015Lol. You make me laugh, pi. :)
7/21/2015Thank you, Kinga:)
7/20/2015For being pi
7/14/2015Nurse With Wound karma from Shive ; 0
7/5/2015Because you think we're cool raVen
7/2/2015Good Conversation...The Awakened One
6/15/2015Are you writing these posts off the cuff? holy shit -Blaze
6/14/2015Sunday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/8/2015For being a coward instead of a friend. ~toby
6/6/2015True love response - u must have 200+ IQ - synchro
5/31/2015Spot on!
5/30/2015Very cool artwork(~) Vash rocks the glp world :::::::::::::) ) )
5/30/2015Emily Bronte thank you for sharing that :) Love Angelseverywhere
5/27/2015Hope you are well - toremain anonlove
5/22/2015Green from auto
5/21/2015Great read :)
5/20/2015I am giving out good karma cause I can.
5/13/2015Missed you, my friend. - Kai
5/12/2015Thanks for your replies - Truth
4/30/2015Was wondering where you were. :) - Kai
4/28/2015Green smoke kindness - Lionels Love
4/27/2015Drunk or Crazy (could be having a mini stroke?)
4/26/2015Pooch was here
3/4/2015Check out the thread GLP 8-circuit biological AI -Risuki
2/18/2015<3 ~Bodhi
2/17/2015Bro, ~VolKhrom
2/13/2015Drug addict
2/12/2015For the trial upgrade and the nice images -Risuki
2/11/2015Reported Abusive Post
2/4/2015Thanks for that link! Wyks
1/26/2015Miss you, my friend. :) - Kai
1/26/2015You remind me of someone I know from long ago. -VonAmoR-
1/24/2015Your 10:27 post reminds of Charlie Brown :)
1/22/2015<3 ~Bodhi
1/11/2015I hope you are well toremain anonlove
1/1/2015Happy New Year from auto
12/31/2014Green for you!
12/30/2014Tired of the taunting, no love for you.
12/29/2014Happy Holidays! ~ Myst_Wolfsong
12/25/2014Happy Holidays to you and yours toremain anonlove
12/24/2014Merry Christmas
12/24/2014Sunspot 2244 let her be light.... zen merry xmass to yah
12/20/2014Green. ~ Hacksaw Jim Duggan
12/20/2014Dat CO2 tho'
12/17/2014Lol from n^2
12/17/2014Laughing at dickle
12/14/2014Took me long enough :p -DMind
12/14/2014Never thought you were Naive - Beautiful Mind dear!
12/14/2014Do i need one?
12/14/2014So kind of you, thanks alot!! Happy holidays!!!
12/13/2014Posting in noobdy threads gets red
12/10/2014Howdy Pi - I hope you are well tral
12/8/2014Can you bake me a cherry Pi? - Kai
12/4/2014About that time again :) -d3
12/3/2014Magician is 11 and 22 is the Fool, stones on the right and metal on the left
11/30/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/30/2014Subtle thinking, me likey -Faf
11/26/2014MR. PI!!!!1111111 - Kai
11/25/2014Well said, pi. :)
11/25/2014Thanks for the thoughtful response *ribbit
11/23/2014Just because
11/17/2014I concur:) Love New Heart
11/17/2014Always enjoy your insight....Cutbait
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