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8/24/2021I need to catch up on your threads green - panther0621
8/24/2021Brief :)
8/23/2021I woke up this morning, smiled at the rising sun. Three little birds sat on my doorstep, singing sweet songs. - Bob Marley (Happy in Nature)
8/23/2021M0r3 green and sry about the DBL pm
8/23/2021Same thing is happening to me good info thread
8/23/2021Et intuens illos Jesus, ait: Apud homines impossibile est, sed non apud Deum: omnia enim possibilia sunt apud Deum. Secundum Marcum X:XXVII --Dulcius Ex Asperis
8/23/2021Psalm 147:6 The LORD lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground. SotL
8/23/2021To LTHN <3. Jukebox green & best wishes for a wonderful week ahead. Great to post with you friend. Love & peace from Fraust66 : )
8/22/2021Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
8/22/2021Uncle Gintel
8/22/2021Nice tunes ! Soup
8/22/2021JukeBox GREEN from DeploraVision [**]D CHEERS -DV
8/21/2021Hey LTHN,happy weekend!!:)billL
8/20/2021Music and best green always! Sloane
8/20/2021Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
8/20/2021Be ready for your opportunities before they arrive -- Wolf1776
8/20/2021Green from marooned
8/20/2021Thanks for your reply to my comment! - BirdMom
8/19/2021You're a sweetheart! - My Foolish Daydream
8/18/2021A true voice of logic and reason...a quality glp'er....be well my friend....Don D.
8/18/2021Some Green Luck For This Crazy Existence - S~4~D
8/18/2021Hope you are well, be safe - ou8122
8/17/2021Cheerio green from New West under a new name...WIlliam Poole says hello
8/17/2021Green for a friend - panther0621
8/16/2021Pussy kanuk
8/16/2021Reported Abusive Post
8/15/2021Love Ellusion :)
8/15/2021Psalm 147:5 Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. SotL
8/15/2021Cheers, jj johns
8/15/2021"It’s a beautiful thing to experience, even more so if they orgasm at the same time and feel a mental connection with you as well. Blissful and powerful."
8/15/2021Thanks for commenting on my Wildfire Chart Thread! TrustNoOneKS
8/15/2021Reported Abusive Post
8/14/2021M0r3 green for GLP's finest
8/14/2021BBQ Boy was here
8/14/2021Thanks my brother and have a great weekend...CUB :)
8/13/2021Joy sent to you as well. Weekend fun your way :-) ~E.R.
8/13/2021Rewinding greenz :)
8/12/2021Good advice, thanks! ~ LG
8/12/2021Yes! - musashi777
8/12/2021Reported Abusive Post
8/12/2021"Give food to the birds, you will then be surrounded by the wings of love, you will be encompassed by the joys of little silent hearts!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan (Happy in Nature)
8/11/2021Be well friend: the gullible skeptic
8/11/2021Frosty Green ~WGON.
8/11/2021Green from marooned
8/10/2021Uncle Gintel
8/10/2021Reported Abusive Post
8/9/2021Hey man, hope ur well ~BFD
8/8/2021Good to see ya around..thanks for the link....Don D.
8/8/2021That my best friend and my worst enemy is found within my own self.
8/8/2021You're a sweetheart. I hope you're having a good weekend so far - My Foolish Daydream
8/7/2021Nice sign
8/7/2021Psalm 147:4 He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. SotL
8/7/2021"Et audivi quasi vocem turbae magnae, et sicut vocem aquarum multarum, et sicut vocem tonitruorum magnorum, dicentium: Alleluja: quoniam regnavit Dominus Deus noster omnipotens." -DEA
8/6/2021Friday green. cheers, jj johns
8/4/2021Enjoy the little things -- Wolf 1776
8/3/2021"And all I'm saying is, see, what a wonderful world it would be if only we'd give it a chance. Love, baby, love. That's the secret." - Louis Armstrong (Happy in Nature)
8/3/2021Hey friend....last one
8/3/2021Ty Hope all is well with you! All good here xo Jenny222
8/3/2021God bless you and all those you love my friend ;) - ThePassenger
8/2/2021Year of the Duck :) Sloane
8/2/2021M0r3 green for my friend
8/2/2021To LTHN <3. Jukebox green & best wishes for the week ahead to LTHN <3. Hope to catch up soon. Fraust66 : )
8/1/2021Reported Abusive Post
7/31/2021Reported Abusive Post
7/31/2021Hey man, hope you're killing it ~BFD
7/30/2021Hey you! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :-) ~E.R.
7/30/2021Psalm 147:3 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. SotL
7/30/2021Right back at you @swingline
7/30/2021A golden heart. pool
7/28/2021Thanks for the Good vibes.. I an use some today! :) KAN DAEK
7/27/2021I hope you fly (new version of 'I hope you dance' just for you) xoxo db
7/27/2021Green for good doom....lol....Don D.
7/26/2021JB participation green..:)billL
7/26/2021Mister Pillarr :)
7/26/2021To LTHN <3. Jukebox green & great to post with you friend. Have a great week ahead. Best wishes from Fraust66 : )
7/25/2021For a great person from 03
7/25/2021Calling the Cardinal!! Love Ellusion :)
7/24/2021Great poster green always, Sloane
7/24/2021Hahahahaj 1-2-follow
7/24/2021Green from Paranoiaaaaa!
7/24/2021Goodness. It's been a while! Love to you! Penny
7/23/2021Brief :)
7/23/2021"I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful - an endless prospect of magic and wonder." - Ansel Adams (Happy in Nature)
7/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
7/22/2021Green from WGON.
7/22/2021BBQ Boy was here
7/22/2021A warm smile is the universal language of kindness -- Wolf 1776
7/22/2021Psalm 147:2 The LORD doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel. SotL
7/21/2021Hope you are well~Fortunabeargirl :)
7/20/2021DMJ was here :)
7/20/2021How dare you talk about mother earth that way -Glaxnor
7/19/2021Cheers Klown
7/18/2021Yw! You're a good friend. I hope it helps. Texan Buckeye
7/17/2021I just saw the green you shipped this ole pirates way, and then here you are, well shit!! Lotsa locve and well wishes LTHN, all thiis pirate's best!
7/17/2021Reported Abusive Post
7/17/2021Green from FL-4-GLP (03)
7/15/2021Reported Abusive Post
7/14/2021Psalm 147:1 Praise ye the LORD: for it is good to sing praises unto our God; for it is pleasant; and praise is comely. SotL
7/14/2021Awe thank you :-) ~E.R.
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