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4/27/2013And you to flat nose
4/12/2013Good post. Integrity101
12/19/2012Keep your head up and fight the good fight :) -ajk
11/22/2012RE: your measurements: not bad for a wookie...are you related to Moosechelle Obama?
11/19/2012Dumb thread
11/19/2012For guts and honesty
11/19/2012For standing up for who you are, for love and appreciation... 141
11/16/2012Just because.. MultiStrada
11/15/2012As soon as your said size doesn't matter, I knew you aren't really a woman. Faker.
11/14/2012You're brave
11/14/2012Thanks for well wishes
11/14/2012Meat cigar up your ass!
11/6/2012Sorry for all the nasty comments you got i ama vet as well good luck 11b ar15nut
11/6/2012Goodbye America - karma love from samanthasunflower
11/6/2012Be Safe. God Bless. Top Hat
11/6/2012I'm scared too of Obama. God bless you for fighting for our country.
11/6/2012Election night blessings to you. Renaissance Woman
11/6/2012Thank you for your service in the military - Resister
10/25/2012It's not your race, we're all the same inside. It's the environment. -- train
10/25/2012Good post!
10/25/2012Black racist bashing her own race. You are scum
10/23/2012Grow up
10/23/2012More idiocy. great.
10/23/2012Useless thread
10/13/2012For standing up for babies rights to life
10/13/2012You're the IDIOT.
10/11/2012EleKtroN was here :)
10/11/2012You don;t need a boyfreind, you need a MANFREIND, and them Ol Fandago Rangers are here to HELP!
10/7/2012For that totally obnoxious avatar!
10/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/24/2012Wasn't me that mentioned Baghdad - but thanks :-/
9/23/2012Great Post ....+ Karma to you !
9/23/2012Oversimplifying idiot
9/23/2012Cheer up!
9/23/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/22/2012Idiot - go away
9/13/2012Your poor husband.
9/11/2012Gr MohZart
9/2/2012Have a great day sweetheart
9/2/2012Your are def not ugly. Society has made girls feel this way, through movies, music vids, books. Love your inner self and get to know her and then you will see your beautiful self through true eyes.
9/2/2012For being beautiful.
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