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2/6/2014You are a sweet girl
2/6/2014What a beautiful, brave soul you are! God bless you, little lady! Roxi
2/5/2014Nice thread
2/5/2014Backatcha! ~Chip
2/4/2014Green Karma for your post.. from Radie
2/4/2014Good pin! pool
2/4/2014For revealing the hospital demon image! - Sobriquet
2/4/2014Gullible retard
2/4/2014Hello, pretty lady :) Love the Thunderbird headband you have on. - Eireann~
2/4/2014To counter ignorance.
2/4/2014Karma RoLL ....C.C
2/4/2014Hi beautiful -Notnonviolentnegro
2/4/2014Hello gorgeous! Paige :)
2/4/2014Beiber thread makes no sense and the comparisons are moot (only one GPA, no relevance between the two). What is the point?
2/3/2014Love your pic /sHuRu
2/3/2014Back at you - 'Merica
2/3/2014Green time_GeoStorm
2/3/201422 -Ranger batman
1/30/2014Good thread. - Pole Cat
1/30/2014Props for the Divide & Conquer thread. -Sinclair
1/30/2014Uncle f#*k stick :-)
1/29/2014Green Hugs!! ~ Simple27 : )
1/29/2014You fine girl
1/29/2014Keep on shining -krystle ann
1/29/2014Woow you looking stunning in your avatar <3 - aqmah ^-^
1/27/2014Excellent post says the Puppet Master!
1/26/2014Agree...The quite one
1/26/2014Thank you. :) And Ditto. AnonymousGirl
1/25/2014To a beatufil girl who deserves everything! Love ya! PennyCandy
1/25/2014You are smart. grateful. AKL
1/20/2014Broncos! GeoStorm
1/19/2014Love ~ M1
1/19/2014Pretty girl! (sprout)
1/19/2014Umm, ya... look'in good! Hot avatar....
1/14/2014Just cuz you're the biggest sweetie in this crazy dysfunctional family!
1/13/2014Super model
1/13/2014Here's some green for ya,hun. Penny Candy
1/11/2014Hey there! you're a rockstar! much love, JinxyMcD
1/11/2014Love the avatar pic! Laura Bow
1/10/2014Stay away from muslims
1/10/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/10/2014Have some green :) VR-4
1/10/2014Have a Happy Day! :) AKO Like your new Avatar but miss your beautiful smile
1/10/2014Yosemite Sam thinks your an animal
1/9/2014Congratulations!!!! - NothingFancy
1/9/2014Congrats beauty!! ~ Simple27 : )
1/9/2014You are so fake....Karma is a bitch
1/8/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/8/2014Nah - YOU are the awesome one! I just play one on tv, lol. not really of course. ~gg
1/8/2014You will do great. Ms Zippy
1/8/2014Congrats and good luck!!!! PB
1/8/2014Good for you
1/8/2014Regardless of race these guys were animals. Obama calls thugs his sons. I have 2 awesome black aunts, 10 cuzns, and best worker is black -DL
1/8/2014BrainJuice says your avatar pics rock!!
1/7/2014Thanks and backatchya! Fire Watch~~
1/5/2014Thank you, it actually made me feel alot bettert - Wrath Of Luna
1/5/2014Your opinion sucks without scantaly clad pics of yourself
1/5/2014I don't understand why people are worried about other races. We are all human
1/5/2014Hope you had a great weekend! eekers
1/5/2014Reported Copyright Violation
1/5/2014Trashy thread about the banana. Attention whoring.
1/5/2014Why do you help degrade women by posting degrading videos about them? makes you feel better about yourself?
1/4/2014Before we had the Ravens, I was a Saint's fan during the Jim Mora years. Geaux Saints, cuz my boys suck! -- Rant
1/4/2014For watching the skies ~thetruthmonger
1/1/2014Happy New Year beautiful :) tampaheather
1/1/2014Happy New Year! AnonymousGirl
1/1/2014Thank you. and you are as well. =) -Pole Cat
1/1/2014As pretty ass you are yes, you dont need to constantly change your pic to get approval. Just be yourself
12/31/2013Hot - TARDIS Time Traveler
12/31/2013Hope you have ab amazing new year!! PB
12/31/2013For motivation in growing a beard - Zetetic
12/31/2013Happy New Year. -- Munsoned
12/30/2013Blessings for a very happy new year. And I loved the animal love thread. Sloane
12/30/2013Constantly changing your pic makes you an attention hoochie- and it is beyond annoying.
12/30/2013You take way to many pictures of yourself!! talk about a vain person! give it a rest girl.
12/30/2013Love ya!! 4H
12/30/2013Could've sworn I left this for you last night, lol. You rock & happy new year!! ~ Simple27 : )
12/30/2013Appreciation of beautiful creatures <3 xenophon
12/30/2013Nice poster ar15-nut
12/30/2013I love this girl's goodness
12/30/2013Brief isnt your friend
12/30/2013Sweet thang, Brief :)
12/30/2013Happy New Year love GFG
12/30/2013You are absolutely the tops of glp! keep being your beautiful beautiful self! octobersolstice
12/30/2013For the Putin w/dog pic. TC
12/29/2013Happy new year to you too. Btw I still like big black booty :P . Manu
12/29/2013Happy New Years, sweetie. krystal
12/29/2013Great thread
12/29/2013Beautiful topic!
12/29/2013Grrrreeen fur the good, fps
12/29/2013Happy New Year!! ~ Chip
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