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Let's assume that Planet X is real...


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10/30/2009 02:56 AM
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Re: Let's assume that Planet X is real...
... and bypass all the controversy surrounding the topic.

I'd like some input on protective measures average people / communities can take as the effects (earth changes) intensify. I hate to think of myself as a 'useless eater', but let's face it, I don't have any shining qualifications that will warrant an invitation to the nearest super bunker.

What I Do have is rare enough... a surviver's attitude and experience in wilderness living. So, considering this (hypothetical) situation realistically, what steps can those of us awake, but without black-ops or bail-out funds, do to have a chance of survival? Are there any ideas or resources available that could help groups or small communities know how to prepare... what effects are most likely (any for specific areas beyond coastal or fault zones?), how to quickly construct safe, low dollar sheltering, foods to culture or grow in extreme or 'on the move' situations and whatever else that might apply when trying to save as many as possible under 'worst case' conditions.

I know some are considering this topic... Where do we start?
 Quoting: SouthernLight

I like to think a co-operative is an important factor to include in your survival plans. Perhaps about 25 people/families. All involved obviously have prepared with stocks of food and tools, etc. as a minimum. Better preparation would be things like water filters, wind generators for electricity, housing plans like elaborate tents, cob home building or perhaps log houses as well.

Not only that, but I've channeled that people are now beginning to meet those who will help each other in the difficult times ahead. So, be open to meet people of like mind.

It'll be fun! New friends and closer community ties.