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Message Subject Warmonger Medvedev Announces plans for a massive buildup of Russia's military
Poster Handle Boomer
Post Content
Medvedev isn't a "warmonger" and there is no "buildup." Russia is reorganizing their military, converting from a reserve/draft based force to a professional force as the US did after Vietnam. You can expect to see an extreme reduction in personnel, facilities and other assets and taking the money saved and generated from that to upgrade their antiquated hardware and insufficient training.

In other words...they'd prefer to have 1,000 T-95s and SU-37 Terminators than 10,000 T-72s and MiG-29s. What's the purpose of putting 3 million lightly armed civilians in uniform to only have them killed due to poor training or flee due to poor discipline when you could have 500,000 heavily armed, extremely well trained soldiers who will cause your enemies to be the ones to be paralyzed by fear?

Better luck with your propaganda next time, OP.
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