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Taking Back Your Real Life

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 634078
03/13/2009 10:24 AM
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Taking Back Your Real Life
Taking Back Your Real Life

There are invisible psychic lines attached to the Life-Center, just under the navel and deep within your body. Through these lines, your normal family members, associates and old friends (and enemies) are endlessly draining your psychic life-power and inhibiting your Real Life of higher human development, liberation, genuine happiness and potential immortality. Ex-children, ex-husbands-or-wives, your parents and others can be particularly draining and debilitating. What does not go to your own Flyer or Mind-Parasite, goes to theirs. You become obsessed with giving and getting social attention as psychic energy. If you have read the Celestine Prophecy, you have vaguely understood that there are four (4) basic types of Energy Strategies the Flyers utilize to keep people spiritually dead, flat, boring and thoughtlessly conforming to each other and society in general. So, the first part of all this is the necessity for you to learn to get your own Real Life or Energy back from those who are draining it from you, but without stealing their potential Real Life or Energy from them!

When you deeply inhale, picture your Inner Power-of-Real-Life, of Magical Living outside dead normals and their society, coming back to you through all the lines from people of your past from everywhere and in front of your body, sucking your Real Life back into your life-center through your open navel. Let the inhalation naturally open up and push out your stomach and intestines.

With your deep inhalation, turn your head from facing far left to facing far right. As you take in this breath, think to yourself, I take back my life.

Giving Back Their Dead Normalcy

The same invisible connecting lines through your navel with the people of your past who keep you stuck in guilt, normalcy, deadness and attention problems can and should be utilized to send all that psychic deadness back to them all.

When you exhale, picture all the deadness and conformity demands of your close relatives and others being sent back to them through the lines going out of your navel to the front and spreading everywhere necessary to liberate you from dead normal socializing, to awaken Real Freedom and ultimate non-conformity as a boundless Spirit of Forth State Non-dual Cosmic Awareness or Super-consciousness.

When you are deeply, slowly exhaling, turn your head from facing far right to facing far left while mentally saying to yourself, I give back their death.

When exhaling, suck in your lower and upper stomach muscles to seal-in the Real Life-Power you got from the previous inhalation.