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dreamt 2X last night-28? day treasury bonds will default

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 548113
11/10/2008 07:57 PM
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dreamt 2X last night-28? day treasury bonds will default
I read a lot of economics stuff but I don't dream about it...I dreamt the same dream twice last night that the 28 day treasury bonds would be defaulted on...I thought it was wierd...I do know that they are the special auctions that are specifically created to "grease the credit wheels of liquidity" that the banks get from the special window.
I don't have prophecy dreams or woo-woo premonitions- but the 2X thing was pretty strange...I usually can recall something I heard or read during the day that can explain why I'm thinking about something and dream about itlater -but this was strange.
If there is a default on some those things-there will be an ugly fallout from it