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Joe Biden: the world’s most dangerous trans activist

A Deplorable Neanderthal

User ID: 83522697
United Kingdom
06/30/2022 01:56 AM

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Joe Biden: the world’s most dangerous trans activist
‘From the moment he arrived in the White House, Biden has acted like a man on a mission when it comes to gender identity, issuing executive orders and directing government agencies to find ways to spread this ideology. As Biden himself said earlier this year, his administration is committed to promoting gender ideology ‘in the classroom, on the playing field, at work, in our military, in our housing and healthcare systems – everywhere, simply everywhere’.

“ Biden says trans people ‘made in image of God,’ parents must ‘affirm’ identity“

[link to nypost.com (secure)]

Last week, Biden even used the 50th anniversary of Title IX – the law that prohibits sex discrimination in schools and universities that receive federal funding – to promote his trans agenda.

The anniversary should have been a celebration of women’s achievements over the past half-century. But it was spoiled by the Biden administration’s proposed amendments to Title IX regulations, which ‘clarify’ that ‘sex’ now includes ‘gender identity’.

[link to www2.ed.gov (secure)]

And in the week before the Title IX rewrite, Biden signed an executive order instructing his administration to ‘promote expanded access to gender-affirming care’ and end ‘conversion therapy’ for minors who identify as transgender.

A child expresses doubt about her sex, and the Biden administration demands immediate action: here you go, kid, declare a new pronoun, take these drugs, and book your surgery. No questions can be asked, especially by parents, who, in some states, may lose custody of their child if they don’t go along with his or her chosen gender identity.

It’s hard to see why Biden of all people has embraced a radically subjective ideology that says sex is not real but ‘assigned at birth’, and claims that people are ‘born in the wrong body’ and can declare they are something else. Yet this ‘devout Catholic’ has seemingly embraced every inch of this worldview.

A doddering, barely cognisant man is leading the charge into the Brave New World of transgenderism. It would be a joke if he didn’t command the full force of the most powerful state on Earth.‘

[link to www.spiked-online.com (secure)]