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Doom Break: Music Lessons for My Canary

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Costa Rica
06/16/2022 12:15 PM
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Doom Break: Music Lessons for My Canary
Imgur and I go way back, so I'm posting my stuff there.

Besides, their 1-minute video limit is a perfect fit for stuff like this.

I'm posting yesterday's music lesson. I'll be producing these pretty regularly and other interesting videos of this bird.

My friends keep asking me what's his name? I've never named a canary before, and this is the 6th one I've owned.

This one really has a grasp of patterns, which is a damn good sign that one day, I may devise something he can touch with his beak that will play a note, but I'm no electrical engineer and circuit boards area mystery to me, so things probably won't progress that far where he has his own keyboard.

Anyway, I thought the lesson yesterday had an adorable quality to it and that young pre-k kids would like it.

Consider this my pushback against what they are letting babies see these days.