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Subject How FDA, CDC Justified Approval of Moderna’s Spikevax
Poster Handle midijeep
Post Content
Just as they tricked the public into thinking they were getting an “approved” Pfizer vax (Modernity vax) which wasn’t available to the public, they did the same thing with the Moderna’s Spikevax. It’s approved, but the only thing available to the public is the Emergency Use Authorized vax. The difference is that with the EUA vax the vaccine maker is immune from lawsuits. Not so with the approved vax, so it will always be “unavailable.” One more reason to never take a Covid vaccine.

Paul Alexander, Phd, a vocal critic of the vaccines, was the one who recently posted a scathing rebuke of the CDC’s head for lying about vaccine effectiveness in the face of all the data proving otherwise.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director; what an inept idiot... I am seldom lost for words & I use to think prior CDC directors were morons, due to stupidity they did/said, but she tops them!

Sadly, she isn’t an idiot but a knowing conspirator in this Covid exaggerated pandemic.

Paul Alexander, Phd - [link to palexander.substack.com (secure)]

Posted a scathing rebuke - [link to palexander.substack.com (secure)]
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