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Message Subject Felony suspect bailed out by "Minnesota Freedom Fund" charged with auto theft 3 days later
Poster Handle Buzzcheeze
Post Content
The BANE Act
Rep. Mary Franson of Alexandria
introduced a bill in the Minnesota Legislature last week
directly aimed at prohibiting nonprofits like MFF from bailing out suspects.

The Bail Abatement Non-Profit Exclusion Act,
or BANE Act for short,
states it would prohibit nonprofits from organizing or registering in the state of Minnesota
for the purpose of “providing payment to a person or to a state court in order to satisfy a bail condition determined by the court.”

“By paying a defendant’s bail,
the Minnesota Freedom Fund
is literally handing these criminals a get out of jail free card,
” Franson said. “Many of these defendants go on to commit more heinous, violent crimes after their release.
The BANE Act will stop organizations, like the Minnesota Freedom Fund, who support dangerous criminals so we can make our communities safer.”

It remains to be seen whether the bill will get majority support in the Democratic-controlled House.
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