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Message Subject Felony suspect bailed out by "Minnesota Freedom Fund" charged with auto theft 3 days later
Poster Handle Buzzcheeze
Post Content
Charges that followed Hussein’s third arrest that month
state that on Jan. 13 just before 9 p.m.,
Bloomington police responded to a report of suspicious activity at a gas station on the 7900 block of France Avenue South.
Callers to 911 reported that people were possibly trying to steal from a car parked at the location.

Police found two passengers in the car when they arrived,
and staff at the gas station said the driver had walked away
as police entered the area.

Police discovered that the vehicle, a Chevrolet Equinox belonging to a rental company, had been stolen earlier in the day from the valet area of a hotel in downtown Minneapolis.
Police learned that the keys had been stolen prior to the vehicle being stolen.
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