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Message Subject Why is VIRTUE SIGNALING always
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
met with a negative effect there after?
it seems elites are using fake accounts to drive people to VIRTUE SIGNAL, the effects almost 99% of the time creates a negative effect

Example: Ukraine support and refugees virtue signalling has led to their own people jobs been robbed from them and other nasty trash refugees assaulting their women and robbing their shops.

Is it time for liberals to understand VIRTUE SIGNALING is a negative! and they should stop it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76805530

Like EVERY Christian does with crosses...pictures of white Jesus on their walls, calling others "demons".

There are no bigger and pathetic "virtue signalers" than Christian religious nuts. No one comes CLOSE!

And they are all scumbag hypocrites.

"Look at my cross...it means I'm better than you".

The reality is most people IMMEDIATELY take such people down a few pegs on the intelligence scale.

MTG is a perfect example...

A hateful cunt with a cross is still a hateful cunt!
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