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The Ultimate Anti-'Covid' Supplement/Equipment Thread

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01/30/2022 05:56 PM
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The Ultimate Anti-'Covid' Supplement/Equipment Thread
It gets too scattered here trying to figure out what supplements/equipment we need to combat this thing. I know about Nac, etc but too many threads to go through to make an decision so we need to compile everything into one thread here only.

I will also link this thread to my Missouri covid thread to give that state a boost. I will also begin to update the Op soon as other anons post what they found.

Any help is appreciated.

I am thinking of lists for:
before 'Covid'
during 'Covid'
after 'Covid'
Detox from 'Jabs/Testing'

I will also update the op of any anti-covid equipment that you all found useful the past 2 years.