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No Taste/Smell? This *might* work, worth a try maybe.

Messiah and Pariah Rhyme

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01/08/2022 04:36 PM

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No Taste/Smell? This *might* work, worth a try maybe.
My taste just came back.

I took action that may have helped bring it back quicker:

1. Two days in a row, I coated my finger with Hydrogen Peroxide and stuck it up my nose, one time for each nostril and then snorted up whatever moisture from it was in there.

It cleared my out pretty well and you could tell something good was happening.

2. After doing that, I did the same with just a *Tiny* bit of Vitamin A/D ointment to remoisten and protect my nasal tissues.

Now hey, it may just have been plain ole time that restored my taste or, my actions might've helped move things along.

FWIW: I'm still stuffy in there but I'm so glad I can consume vinegar type products again...important to maintain PH, which I know has been way off with the Covid/Flu/Whatever I had because my Psoriasis has been an absolute bitch.
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