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Subject Analysis of the Southern Border crisis and population control
Poster Handle Baba Yagas Bodyguard
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Interesting take by Monkey of Monkeywerx on the main reason the southern border is wide open. Less than 50%

[link to www.monkeywerxus.com (secure)]

As many of you know, I have been talking about the flights coming and going across our border since around early August 2021. We have seen at least three waves of Afghanis come into our country (only one being reported), a sea of Haitians, and a relentless flood of Hispanics from Central and South America.

During this time two things have stood out:

First and foremost, the use of military installations. This practice has been done once before in the United States during World War 2 when the US Government detained or interned immigrants on roughly 17 military bases where they kept Japanese, Italian, and German Americans. The rationale during that time was to ensure we did not have enemy combatants living among us. To my knowledge, none of this was ever the equivalent to the Nazi Concentration Camps in Germany, however, the fact we had them is remarkable. Now we weren’t executing the masses and these locations closed shortly after the war ended, but it is important to note that both the United States and Nazi Germany opened the camps for the purpose of immigration.
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