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Zeus/Jove...Hera/Juno.... Yahweh/Jehovah....Asherah

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12/03/2021 04:51 PM

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Zeus/Jove...Hera/Juno.... Yahweh/Jehovah....Asherah
Zeus or Jove in Roman Pantheon

Jove = Jehovah Same consonants, vowels removed

Zeus's wife, Hera

Yahweh's wife, Asherah or As HERA h

Zeus is the God of the OT


Yahweh is a Rig-Vedic term

Rama = RM
Rome = RM

Everything is Vedic

Phoenicians out of India
Chews out of Phoenicians

It's all there to be seen

History is fake.
(B)ullshit™ always needs an amplified bullhorn demanding kneeling subservience - or else.- SyncAsFunk

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