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Message Subject I'm struggling with my faith....it's too much but still hanging on.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do yourself a favor. Step outside tonight and look up at the stars. The pathetic little selection that you can actually see spans far further than you will ever travel to given the fastest rocket so far. Beyond that the galaxy still looks gobsmackingly huge. Then we get to other galaxies and clusters of them and filaments of clusters. and for all we know it goes on forever. What was your faith again? Suppose it was Christianity. OK now I'm an alien, tell me how it works. I'll try not to laugh. What's it, some guy got nailed to some plant matter on some backwater planet in a very ordinary galaxy that as per usual contains so many stars that they look like milk (some sort of glandular secretion) , and I need to know the story in this place that is unfathomably unfindable and some name that is probably unpronounceable to my mouth parts or....

Errr, naah!
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