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Message Subject Ray Epps....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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My son and I went to the Stop the Steal rally that was held on Dec. 12.

We stayed/parked outside the city and took the train in.

Ray Epps was at the train station with only my son an myself that morning.

He asked if we were going to the rally. We said yes. He asked why we didn't have Trump gear on as we wearing just normal clothes.

I said that I don't like making myself a target. He then went on ranting an raving about attacking Antifa and how we were going to kick some Azz that day..

My son and I kind of laughed it off.

He kept trying to get us fired up. When we got on the train he stopped to chat up another group. We quickly ditched him.

I told my son that he was a great example of a FED.
We could hear him trying to get the other group fired up, which he did. They started chanting on the train as we rode in.

Son and I ditched the entire group when we exited at the Mall.

Was wild to see him outed as a FED. My son was like wow that's the guy......
 Quoting: 99red

I saw all the oath keepers leaving their hotel that morning witb their earpeices in. The on guy had a suit and a trench coat and his radio hanging out like he wanted everyone to see it. I thought they were a bunch of wanna bes but it turns out they were actual feds, lol.
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