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Subject Help me create a NFT that can be auctioned, split the profit
Poster Handle OU8122
Post Content
Have no idea what an NFT is, all I know is people are paying shit tons of money for them.

If you know how to make one and get it put up for auction I will have a group drive demand to 3 million at which point the Saudis or some dumb ass will be bidding the shit even higher. At 3 million my group stops and some other lucky winner gets the NFT you created and all we get is the shitty 3 million plus dollars

Ideas for NFT, maybe the 1st digital dog shit NFT ?

Don't know, don't care, me and my group gets 1.5 million and you get everything above that.

Seriously, no one can explain why some of the stupid shit is selling for what it is selling for. If I knew how to make one and get it auctioned I wouldn't be looking for help. You know how to create one and get it placed for auction I will use my network to create incredible demand by getting the bidding kicked in to high gear.

Seriously, we can do this. DM me and we can iron out the details.
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