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If "magnesium supply stops," the entire auto industry will grind to a halt.


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10/20/2021 05:42 AM

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If "magnesium supply stops," the entire auto industry will grind to a halt.
"The source of the shortage is China's monopoly on global magnesium production."

WWIII has already started as predicted here:
Thread: WWIII could kick off with an industrial goods embargo launched by China

and here
Thread: Our Military Supply lines run through CHINA - A military industrial embargo will precede WWIII

The latest warning of magnesium shortages materializing was last week's warning from S&P Global Platts who obtained a letter from Matalco Inc. President Tom Horter warning customers, "in the last few weeks, magnesium availability has dried up, and we have not been able to purchase our required magnesium units for all of 2022."

Matalco is North America's largest producer of aluminum billet. Horter's warning continued:

"The purpose of this note is to provide this advanced warning that, if the scarcity continues, and especially if it becomes worse, Matalco may need to curtail production in 2022, resulting in allocations to our customers."

For a stunning wake-up call to just how concentrated the complex global supply chain is, 85% of the world's magnesium production comes from China. Much of it comes from one town in Shaanxi province, Yulin, where the government has curbed output at 70% of all magnesium smelters this year due to energy conservation ahead of the Northern Hemisphere winter.
[link to www.zerohedge.com (secure)]

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