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Message Subject Johnson and Johnson vax not killing enough people
Poster Handle OU8122
Post Content
I talked to a nurse distributing the "vaccine" and she said the J&J variant was only available for the first month or so after that they never received more and no more was ordered.

Which is odd because during that same time they were claiming to have shortages of the "vaccine".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40956866


Pre mandate - non MRNA option

Post mandate - MRNA only

Moot point because mandate = nothing more than strongly urged.

Mandate is not law and employers are idiots if they fall for this.

Guaranteed sleepy said we will call it a mandate which will give employers cover, they can tell the peasants they have no choice, govt mandated this.

Unfortunately for them, the peasants aren't stupid, the peasants know mandates mean nothing and employers using the term mandate as cover are simply insulting the peasants intelligence

They think we are all illiterate.
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