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Message Subject Dreamtard Post: EQ in Detroit
Poster Handle The Oracle's Cookie
Post Content
Great Info, thanks!

I knew about the mines and it's always been a head-scratcher how these massive holes in the ground can be so close to a great lake and not just everything wash-out and/or cave-in.

Even still, I'd love to go down there.
 Quoting: The_Meridian

Well, I was FLOORED to find out about the salt mines under
this area!

Luckily whomever designed the mines was SMART enough to
know they needed to be a reasonable distance from the
lakes. The idiots in Louisianna, however, were NOT that
lucky with their engineers.

It is a WATER LEAK that compromises salt mines, of course.
That the Louisianna salt mining company engineers DID NOT
CONSIDER DISTANCE TO WATER SOURCES was what "sealed the fate"
of Bayou Corne. The water flooded the cavern of the
mined salt deposit which eventually collapsed the landmass
around it--and the TOWN above the salt mine.

[link to youtu.be (secure)]

Here is an example of what the town of Bayou Corne had
to face when their salt mine started to collapse. THAT
must have been very upsetting.

Sadly, Meridian...IF there are large quakes around Detroit
--such as following a New Madrid quake in the future--
the salt mines under Detroit will, indeed, flood and the
same fate (maybe not immediately but within months) that
Bayou Corne experienced is almost guaranteed.

Of course, the mines UNDER DETROIT ARE HUGE (spanning miles) so the
"sinkhole" event will be much more destructive than the one that
took out the Bayou Corne area. And just one more thought...
there may be some people in the area who may think of the
salt caverns under Detroit as a great "bomb shelter" in
the event of spaceweather emergencies or attacks. I would
suggest you NEVER think of a salt mine as a "shelter" if
you are close to a lake. (Logical, right?) lol!

Just a heads-up...You don't want to STAY in Detroit if
quakes begin to become common place. That will be your
warning to SPLIT.

The Oracle's Cookie
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